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Bluebridge Raises $1 Million To Further Develop Its Mobile App Platform, Expand Team

By  •  6 hours ago

Bluebridge, the mobile-apps-as-a-service (MAaaS) startup that helps universities, churches, and other organizations engage their audiences with mobile apps, has announced that it has closed a $1 million seed round of financing …
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VentureBreak Weekly #56: Comcastic Apples

By  •  16 hours ago

New iPhones, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, the free U2 album, Yahoo’s $250,000/day fine from the U.S. government, Microsoft’s acquisition of Minecraft, and more.

Panel: Brad Merrill, Will Reynolds Young

Show …
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Google Gets Around California Law With Temporary Steering Wheels On Self-Driving Cars

By  •  16 hours ago

The California DMV won’t allow Google to test its self-driving cars on the road unless they have manual controls and a backup drive onboard at all times. To get …
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Confirmed: Microsoft Is Buying Minecraft Developer Mojang For $2.5 Billion

By  •  21 hours ago

Microsoft today confirmed that it will be purchasing Mojang, the developer of the popular Minecraft game, in a deal worth $2.5 billion.

This is a notable move for the …
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From Local To Global: How To Transition Your Small Business Into An International Enterprise [Sponsored]

By  •  1 day ago

Many small businesses are choosing to reach an international audience, thus becoming serious competitors in the global marketplace. The Internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, spend money, conduct …
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Microsoft’s $2.5B Purchase Of Minecraft To Be Announced Monday

By  •  2 days ago

Microsoft is expected to announce its $2.5 billion acquisition of Mojang—the company behind Minecraft—on Monday, according to a report by Reuters. The report notes that Microsoft will use Minecraft to …
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NSA And GHCQ Have Broken Into Deutsche Telekom’s Networks In Effort To Map The Entire Internet

By  •  2 days ago

Five major intelligence agencies including the NSA and GCHQ have been working together to map out the entire Internet. To that end, the agencies have been breaking into service …
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Tim Cook On Steve Jobs, The TV Industry, And Apple’s Purchase Of Beats [Video]

By  •  4 days ago

Three short clips from a long interview Apple CEO Tim Cook taped with Charlie Rose today have been uploaded to YouTube.

Cook discusses Steve Jobs, the current state of the …
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Emoji Is Now A Universal Language

By  •  4 days ago

Up until now, there has been no open standard for emoji. The images don’t translate well between mobile and Web services, and often you’re left with empty boxes in …
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Square Raises $100M Series E Round

By  •  4 days ago

As competition in the payments market intensifies, Square has raised another $100 million to help it face its rivals. The Series E round, revealed in a regulatory filing shared with …
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