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"Pushing Pixels Around" On MySpace

"Pushing Pixels Around" On MySpace

by Brad MerrillFebruary 28, 2010

MySpace is hard at work at re-imagining their user interface.  Today I’ve gotten my hands on a PowerPoint presentation that MySpace wants to keep private.  It was made by Tim Sutcliffe about recommendations for rebuilding MySpace’s app platform.

Sutcliffe was one of the four people involved in the RemakingMySpace project.

Rebuilding the apps platform was, of course, a side project, but it shows the kind of work the group was actually doing.

This document recommends doing what you might call “pushing pixels around” instead of wiping everything out and building from the ground up.

MySpace would not comment for anyone on this document.

Click here to download the document.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.