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Do You Shake Babies? There's an App For That.

Do You Shake Babies? There's an App For That.

by Brad MerrillMarch 8, 2010

I’ll try to get through this article quickly without letting it become too much of a rant.  This is outdated information, but that doesn’t make it any less appalling.

A few months ago, an app was submitted to the iPhone app store called Baby Shaker.  Basically, it displays a poorly drawn picture of a baby and plays crying sounds.  To make it stop crying, you shake your iPhone really hard until the baby’s eyes are replaced by two red X’s, obviously implying that the baby is dead.  Seriously.  After several complaints were sent to Apple, the app was pulled.

Apple’s application approval methods are really screwed up.  There are so many questionable apps that have been approved, such as this one, and the $1,000 app that did absolutely nothing (which has since been pulled).  However, there are so many legitimate, quality apps that are being rejected.  Why?  For an example, Apple is rejecting apps that compete in any way with any Apple app (such as Alex Sokirynsky’s podcast application, Podcaster, which was similar to Apple’s podcasting app).  They, without comment, have also pulled WiFi locator apps.  Apple really needs to fix their approval methods, because they are utterly senseless.  Honestly, if you ban something for having an icon similar to Apple’s icons, why approve a baby murdering app?

If you don’t believe me about the Baby Shaker app, here’s proof in the form of a YouTube video:

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