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Twitter To Start Shortening URLs With Domain

Twitter To Start Shortening URLs With Domain

by Brad MerrillApril 12, 2010

Twitter is now the owner of the domain, and it is unclear what they intend to do with the domain.

Twitter’s default URl shortening service is, but it would be very easy for them to switch it to

Although Twitter’s attempt to trademark the word tweet last summer was unsuccessful, it’s clear that “tweeting” is something unique to Twitter, and shortening URLs with would be a good move in terms of branding.  

However, we’re not completely sure that’s what Twitter wants to do.  Twitter owns many domains that just sit dormant, including  Naturally, Twitter, just wants to get as many relevant domains as they can to prevent others from taking them.  Eventually they could find a use for them, so they want to have them available.

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