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The HTC Evo Is Seriously Flawed, Needs To Be Fixed Before You Buy

The HTC Evo Is Seriously Flawed, Needs To Be Fixed Before You Buy

by Brad MerrillJune 15, 2010

Last Wednesday, I bought an HTC Evo from Best Buy, tested it out, and published an article detailing my initial thoughts.  Basically what I said in that article was that the Evo was a great device with some major flaws, including the battery life.  If you Google “HTC Evo Battery Life,” you’re gonna get a lot of clashing opinions.  Some people are getting ridiculously long battery life out of this device, but I’m guessing they are very light users.  The overwhelming majority of Evo users will tell you that this is a seriously flawed device, and needs to be fixed.  

Honestly, I think that the HTC Evo would be a great phone if its battery life was half decent.  The most I’ve gotten out of this thing is five hours of moderate usage.

When I first got the device, I liked to turn on WiFi whenever I was at home to improve data speeds, but I quickly realized that WiFi doesn’t play nice with the Evo’s battery.  My area is supposed to have Sprint 4G coverage by the end of the year.  As excited as I am, if I can’t use WiFi, I won’t be able to use 4G either.

Also, a lot of people are saying that task killers are the way to go to improve battery life.  Why should I have to install a third-party app (which could potentially do more harm than good) just to get the battery life that I could already get from so many other phones?

The bottom line:  The limit for the HTC Evo is five-per-person.  If you’re gonna buy this thing, you might just want to buy all five, or maybe pick up a $25 prepaid phone so you can actually make calls once you’ve had your Evo unplugged for four hours.

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