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You Gotta Hear This: The Steve Jobs Song [Video]

You Gotta Hear This: The Steve Jobs Song [Video]

by Brad MerrillJuly 26, 2010

Fanboys have nothing on this guy.

Jonathan Mann, the guy behind the Bing jingle, and later the hilarious MG Siegler song, and most recently the iPhone antenna song, is at work again.  This time he’s giving us a song about Steve Jobs.

If Apple-biased blog posts bug you, this song will make your head explode.  

Some of the lyrics are:

  • “If that sounds like moses it’s no accident.  The cult of macintosh is a religion.”
  • “We bow down to products that make us weep.  The beauty of simplicity, the shepard and his sheep.”
  • “We defend all attackers with fervent zeal.  In each operating system, some new truth is revealed.”
  • “In his guarded temple there’s a beating drum, and it’s made of glass and of aluminum.”

The song is good.  Really good.  It’s so catchy.  I’m looking forward to Mann’s next hit.

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