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Nintendo 3DS first look

Nintendo 3DS first look

by Tom BrownAugust 2, 2010

Do you remember the dawn of touchscreen gaming revolutionized by the Nintendo DS? Well this is the next step. Nintendo’s 3DS is set to revolutionize handheld gaming once again.

The 3DS utilizes a clear 3.5 inch screen that displays crystal clear and well focussed 3D content. The 3DS contains a multitude of slits each displaying a slightly different image meaning the image appears 3D without the need for pesky, dorky 3D glasses. That is the beauty of the device, the 3D image does not require glasses.

Also within the firmware of the device there is a slider that lets the user adjust the degree of the 3D image to suit their preference. The device can even be set to become 2D if the user feels “3D sick”. The 3D aspect of the device is not limited to gaming either, the built in dual lensed camera will take you some cool 3D pictures. The only downside to the device seems to be the fact that the device has a small viewing angle so if you turn your head the crystal clear 3D image will turn into an indistinguishable blurry image.

Now Nintendo like Apple tends to be very tight lipped about the release date of it’s new devices but my guess is the console will start to surface early next year in march. Now having seen the device I can estimate that the price of the device will be in the region of $200 – $400.

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