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Best free and paid webhosts

Best free and paid webhosts

by Tom BrownAugust 8, 2010

If you’re planning on becoming a web master then choosing a webhost is an extremely important decision and with a huge amount of choice available choosing is a daunting task. I’m someone who always likes to get the best results at a minimum price and you can’t get more cost efficient than free. My website is hosted  on a free server that you may find hard to believe in looking at it as it’s ad-free. I started my webmaster quest many years ago and one of the first free webhosts I ever tried out was Bravehost which had a large selection of tools available but these were all substandard unless you paid to upgrade them. This was the best I could achieve with Bravehost (Please ignore my 10-year-old technical in-adeptness and sinful runescape playing. The site was created in 2005) Bravehost also places a multitude of ugly ads on the site. The webhost I currently use for Xtreme Tech is awardspace.

Awardspace Review:

Quite simply Awardspace is the best free webhost that you’re ever going to find it’s ad-free, has php support, allows for 200mb disk space, 5GB Traffic, MySQL and 5 email accounts. Awardspace also offers fantastic email support for all your webhosting queries. Awardspace also sport a modified version of cPanel which organizes webhosting tasks in to relevant categories. I have found Awardspace to be an amazing host and offers features that even some paid webhosts do not offer.

Best Paid Webhost – Host Gator

Host Gator is a cheap paid webhost on a par with the paid Awardspace hosting. I personally have never used it but my friend and colleague Brad Merrill has sung it’s praises and it seems to have a very impressive feature set. Host Gator also has very favorable reviews. The paid Host Gator service offers unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, a free site builder, 4500 website templates, supports cpanel, 24/7 support and much much more. All of these amazing features come at a price of $4.95 per month.

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