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Pick Or Skip: Chatroulette Without The — Well, You Know

Pick Or Skip: Chatroulette Without The — Well, You Know

by Brad MerrillApril 1, 2011

Chatroulette was cool in the beginning, but as soon as people started seeing penises everywhere, its reputation was scarred forever.  You know what I’m talking about — 90% of the partners you’re connected to are old men showing you something you don’t want to see.  There have been plenty of Chatroulette clones, but they all seem to suffer from the same problems.  Pick or Skip, however, promises to provide a Chatroulette-like experience “without the dicks,” in their words. 

Pick or Skip is a random video chat service that can actually be useful.  After you create an account and fill out your profile, your random chat session is just a click away.  The site features several channels you can join to discuss topics that interest you.  Some of these topics include dating, friendship, sports, music, and politics.  You can choose whether you’d like to talk to guys or girls, and you can choose a language.

When you’re ready, Pick or Skip pairs you up with someone who meets your criteria, and you have to talk to them for 20 seconds before you can move on to the next person.  If you like talking to the person, you can “Pick” them, which adds them to your contact list and allows you to stay in touch with them later.  This is a unique feature that allows you to build real relationships with the people you end up chatting with.

If you don’t like the person you’re talking to, you can click Skip, which is the equivalent of Chatroulette’s Next button.  If someone picks you but you don’t want to stay in contact, it’s very easy to deny the request.

Once you’ve established a contact list, you can easily chat with your new friends whenever they come online.

Pick or Skip’s abuse policy defeats the misconduct problem suffered by Chatroulette, so you don’t have to worry about harassment by old perverts.  Simply put, Pick or Skip is Chatroulette done right.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.