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The Facebook Era

The Facebook Era

by Brad MerrillJune 17, 2011

Just a few years ago, Facebook was nothing more than a social network for college students. Outside of those colleges, no one ever uttered the words “Facebook me.” No one ever imagined the dorm room project would explode and join Google and Microsoft as a major tech company.

Things have changed a lot since then. Facebook has become more than just a mainstream product—it has invaded every aspect of our social lives. When I want to tell my friends what’s on my mind, I post a status update. When I plan a party, I create a Facebook event and invite people. When I need to talk to someone one-on-one but don’t have their phone number, I send them a Facebook message.

There were social networks before Facebook. MySpace was big. So was Friendster. Others include Geocities,, AIM, and But Facebook is different. Facebook is the first to integrate itself with the entire web, and our entire lives. It has managed to gain the support of 500 million people, and it’s making a killing from its social advertising business model.

Only Google and Microsoft have more monthly visitors than Facebook. Only Google has more page views. And Facebook’s growth isn’t over. In a year, it’ll likely be at the top of these lists.

Microsoft dominated the tech industry in the 90s with Windows and Office products. Google has been the king for the past decade because of their business model around search and advertising.

Microsoft and Google are still going strong, but Facebook has more momentum. It’s changing the Web. It’s changing our culture.We are living in the Facebook Era.

Facebook’s Open Graph vision is becoming a reality. Facebook is completely taking over our identities. Facebook isn’t a fad. It has a lot of power, and it’s here to stay.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.