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Getting In Bed With Gadgets [Infographic]

Getting In Bed With Gadgets [Infographic]

by Brad MerrillNovember 15, 2012

Do you sleep with your gadgets? According to this infographic, a lot of people do, and it’s costing them sleep.

There’s no question that gadget users over the past few years have developed a strong bond with their technology. Many people feel anxiety anytime they’re separated from their smartphones, even if they’re just in another room. According to the infographic, many of these people spend their downtime before bed reading a tablet, browsing the web, and watching Netflix. Studies show that people who sleep with their smartphones in bed with them struggle to sleep well. This habit can be very harmful to good rest—not only does the light from your gadgets suppress sleep-inducing melatonin, but you also have an increased risk of being woken up by a text or call in the middle of the night.

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Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.