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Welcome To The New And Improved VentureBreak

Welcome To The New And Improved VentureBreak

by Brad MerrillDecember 3, 2012

This has been coming for a while, and I’m very excited to unleash upon you VentureBreak’s new look—but it’s so much more than a redesign. This is something put together by some amazing developers and designers to rebuild the site from the ground up, creating a site that’s cleaner and sexier on the outside, but faster and more powerful on the inside, and that looks as amazing on your smartphone as it does on your desktop.

I invite you to join me after the break for an exploration of what’s new and what you can expect from the new VentureBreak.


VentureBreak’s previous design was nice when we rolled it out, but it’s proven to be a bit heavy. It wasn’t the fastest thing to load and now, with more readers checking out our stuff on mobile devices over cellular connections than ever before, we wanted a site as slim and beautiful as your smartphone or tablet, and one that will load quickly over any connection.

We ripped out the site’s guts and replaced them with a far leaner implementation that renders far more efficiently. Our testing showed that the new homepage loads more than 50% faster than before.

On the backend, we’re still powered by WordPress, which I believe is the best content management system currently available, especially for being open source.


Too many people and too many publications try to represent sophistication by adding visual complexity. Our new site takes a different path, cutting out the bells and whistles in favor of simplicity. I believe that our content should speak for itself. The new site is beautiful and sophisticated, but also lean and clean. Much of the focus is on typography and content presentation, rather than visual extras.


VentureBreak now has a fully responsive design. That means we’re dynamically laying out our content to look great on whatever device you view it on. In the past, we’ve had a generic mobile theme for smartphones, and no theme for tablets. Now you get the same beautiful site regardless of what device you’re using, how large your display is, and whether you’re reading in portrait or landscape orientation.

The new VentureBreak is also far more Retina-friendly. Past VB designs relied heavily on graphical elements that simply didn’t scale well on high-resolution displays like that of the iPhone 5. This one relies far more on great typography and HTML 5 to create the neat presentation you see here. This results in excellent text and content presentation on any screen.


The new VentureBreak is a completely re-imagined way of presenting our content to you. I hope you agree that this design is both easier on the eyes and faster so you can consume the content you love.

Nothing is perfect, of course, so if you notice any bugs, or if you’d just like to give us some feedback, please contact [email protected].

I encourage you to click around a little. I’m very proud of everything we’ve published here on VentureBreak, and now I believe we have a design that does our content justice.

Thoughts? Feel free to voice your opinion in the comments below!

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.