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Wishing You A Merry, Non-Digital Christmas

Wishing You A Merry, Non-Digital Christmas

by Brad MerrillDecember 24, 2012

I love Christmas. I love the snow (one of the few benefits of living in Ohio), the movies only aired on TV this time of year, the family gatherings, and the sheer happiness that the season brings. I also love that December 25th is one of the only non-digital days of the year.

Of course there will be more electronic gifts given tomorrow than any other day of the year, but Christmas is a day when even the most hardcore tech lovers take a short break from technology.

For most people. Christmas is a time when we still generously give and gratefully receive physical gifts, as opposed to virtual ones. No ebook will ever replace the gift of a dead tree.

Christmas is one day when social networking is absolutely inferior to the real thing. It’s a day for hugging (or perhaps poking) real people, exchanging non-digital gifts and having real conversations without emoticons. You’re allowed to send one “Merry Christmas” tweet, but after that, every time you update your status, God kills a shepherd. Christmas is a family day—no tweeting or Facebooking allowed. And don’t even think about Foursquaring; everyone knows where you are—you’re at your home or someone else’s.

So, on behalf of the whole VentureBreak team, I’d like to wish an old-fashioned, merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and a happy holiday to everyone. As usual, we’ll be taking a couple of days off to spend time with family, but we’ll be back with our regular coverage after the holidays.

Merry Christmas, and goodnight.

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