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iPhone 6 Rumors: Why So Soon?

iPhone 6 Rumors: Why So Soon?

by Brad MerrillJanuary 2, 2013

Apple’s product cycles seem to be getting shorter and shorter. When Steve Jobs was in charge, their products were typically updated on an annual basis. There would be an annual press event and launch for iMacs and MacBooks, and another event later in the year for mobile products. That all seemed to change when Tim Cook took over.

After AT&T’s exclusivity deal with Apple expired and Sprint and Verizon began carrying the iPhone, Apple sped up the cycle, not only for the iPhone, but the iPad as well.

At this time last year, rumors of the iPad 3 were circulating. It was unveiled at a press event in California by Tim Cook under its official name, “The New iPad.”

In the fall of 2012, when reporters were summoned to Silicon Valley, Apple announced not only the iPad Mini, but also the 4th generation iPad. The new full-sized iPad made “The New iPad” (not the iPad 2) obsolete.

This confused journalists and Apple fans alike. Apple users were used to updating their mobile products on an annual basis, and their computers either annually or every other year.

Now, barely three months after the release of the iPhone 5, rumors of the iPhone 6 are floating around the web.

Apple rumors usually originate from small blog sites, but this time it comes from The Next Web, which reports that “Developers begin seeing new Apple iPhone hardware and iOS 7 in usage logs.”

Of course, this is not necessarily an indication that the iPhone 6 is right around the corner—the TNW article suggests a mid-year release date, which puts the iPhone 6 refresh anywhere between May and August of 2013. An August release date would make for an annual release, but May would be a bit early.

Many are hoping that the next iPhone will be even thinner and incorporate new technologies like NFC.

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