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3D Printing Pen Crushes Kickstarter Goal In Just A Few Hours

3D Printing Pen Crushes Kickstarter Goal In Just A Few Hours

by Carmen GuzlasFebruary 21, 2013

3D printing has become more popular over the last few years, with some lower-cost models becoming a possibility for hobbyists and not just professional engineers. However, a new 3D printing PEN promises to make 3D printing a possibility for everyone and to open up a whole new world for the technology.

The 3Doodler is a 3D printing pen that allows you to create items just as if you were drawing a picture on a piece of paper. Plastic is fed through a heating element and out the tip of the pen. You move the melted plastic into the design you want, and it sets very quickly. If you want to create thicker or more durable pieces, you must add multiple layers of plastic to the same spot.

The 3Doodler was launched on Kickstarter on Feb. 19, and within a few hours, it had met its goal of $30,000. it currently has raised close to $900,000, and many of its reward levels are sold out. Almost 10,000 people have backed the project, which was created by Boston-based Wobble Works.

The pen is expected to ship in October and November, and many industry experts are predicting that it will change the face of 3D printing. It is hands-down the most affordable 3D printing option, and it is much easier to use than traditional 3D printers, which require expensive and hard-to-use modeling software.

However, the pen may not offer as much precision as other 3D printers. The free motion of the printer allows for both greater freedom and more room for error. By allowing you to print either in the air or on a surface, the pen offers you flexibility like you won’t find in a traditional 3D printer.

Right now, there are about 200 rewards left for the basic 3Doodler, to ship in November. Or, if you prefer to get more bags of plastic with your 3Doodler, there are about 500 more opportunities left.

It should be interesting to see what the feedback is like once backers start to receive their pens and the early Etsy partners begin producing their 3D creations. We’re sure that the market will open up a whole host of new possibilities for 3D printing once this technology is introduced and competitors scramble to find new ways to take a piece of the market.

What do you think of the new 3D printing pen? Are you interested in getting a copy for yourself? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Editor’s Note: Carmen Guzlas is a writer and manager for, where she has recently been researching Boston homes for sale. In her spare time, Carmen enjoys gardening and making homemade soap.

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