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Chrome May Soon Start Pointing Out Noisy Browser Tabs

Chrome May Soon Start Pointing Out Noisy Browser Tabs

by Brad MerrillFebruary 25, 2013

Google Chrome might soon be getting an easy way to tell you which open tabs are making noise. The new functionality is part of the latest Chromium build, and features an EQ animation over the noisy tab’s favicon (see video below) to tell you that it’s doing audio stuff. Chromium is the open source project that fuels Google’s Chrome browser, and is often the first place to see new features.

The patch, spotted by François Beaufort, was designed to help safeguard active tabs from being discarded when system memory runs out. The feature doesn’t work on the latest OS X build of Chromium, but it seems to be available on the Windows version. It might be a while before we see this added to Google Chrome, but it will be very nice to know exactly where that mystery sound is coming from.

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