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Papyrs: Possibly The Best Social Intranet Builder

Papyrs: Possibly The Best Social Intranet Builder

by Brad MerrillMarch 14, 2013

Many companies, especially those whose team members work together remotely, need an internal site or wiki of some sort to share information and collaborate—but it can be hard to set one up quickly. Some products are too limited, while others are too complex. Papyrs solves this problem by providing a drag-and-drop social intranet builder.

With the service’s simple editor, users can create internal company pages with various widgets for things like wiki-like documents, file sharing, online forms, discussions, social media, and more. I’ve tested several similar services, and I have to say none of them live up to the usability of Papyrs. No technical knowledge is required—everything is drag-and-drop.

I’m told that the sizes of their client companies range from 10–400 users, so they compete both with products that are too limited and products that are too complex for their users.

Stunf, the company behind Papyrs, was founded by Diederik van Houten and Wim Cools of the Netherlands. Cools also spends a lot of time in Sweden, so they regularly use their own products to stay in touch.

“A few years ago, we met in college where we quickly figured out we wanted to go into business for ourselves,” Cools tells me. “At the end of 2009 we launched our very first web application, Thymer. It focused on fast task creation (using “natural language”) and a one page design. As this was a fairly new approach back then, we managed to get a quite some press and users. Thymer became profitable, and it allowed us to work on our next and bigger product, Papyrs. We launched Papyrs last year, and we’re very happy to have companies from all over the world using it on a daily basis. We’re 100% bootstrapped so far and have no immediate plans to raise funding. Of course being a bootstrapped startup is not always easy, but we like that it gives us complete creative freedom and allows us to focus on our customers first.”

Papyrs makes it a breeze to create a social intranet and use it to stay connected. Based on my trial use, I would definitely recommend it to any company that needs a place to share and communicate online.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.