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Dealotto: The Lottery Of Daily Deals

Dealotto: The Lottery Of Daily Deals

by Brad MerrillApril 16, 2013

Dealotto is an interesting new service that combines the chance and excitement of the lottery with the savings of daily deals. With Dealotto, how much you save depends on how lucky you are.

For $3, you have the chance to score a price anywhere from free to the maximum amount. Daily deal sites are nothing new, but this is a very interesting and engaging twist.

Dealotto was founded by Liam McKay and Spencer Finnell. The duo is also known for WPBundle, a bundle of premium WordPress themes they’ve designed. The idea for Dealotto, I’m told, came about when McKay and Finnell were using daily deal sites to promote WPBundle.

They found typical daily deal sites to be too “in your face” about what they have to offer, and opted for a softer approach. They also simplified the whole thing, providing brief but informative product descriptions, large images, and links back to the product website. Dealotto cuts out as many unnecessary steps and pages as possible to make the process quick and easy.

“We were very conscious that a ‘better’ daily deals experience might not be enough for people to want to use us ahead of other sites,” McKay tells me, “so we wanted to find an angle that would give us something completely different. We sort of put the idea on hold until we knew we had something special and unique to build the idea around. It was months later when I came up with the idea to have a lotto system to randomly assign prices at the point of purchase. The idea works because it ensures that sellers still get a nice return on their goods, while offering some incredible discounts to a good number of buyers, it’s very much a win/win situation.”

The service is mostly focused on products for designers/developers at this point, but they are open to moving into other areas as users and sales increase.

Dealotto is disruption at its finest: take a concept that’s been around forever, put a completely new twist on it, and change the concept altogether. I’m excited to see where this goes.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.