VideoSci is an interesting new service from dTouch that allows its users to learn by watching. It collects video resources about all fields of science from various places online, making them easily searchable and available at one convenient place.

The site is deeply integrated with Facebook and Twitter, making it easy to sign in and comment or suggest videos to your friends. There are several sharing options, including embed code, personal playlists, and social bookmarking.

Registered users can suggest videos to VideoSci, and those will appear on the site once approved by a team of moderators.

VideoSci currently only shares videos hosted by other services like YouTube, but I’m told that development is underway to host videos locally. Early revenue will come from advertising, with a premium video hosting section coming later.

The service reminds me a lot of HowCast, but within a different niche. If you have an interest in science, definitely take a look at VideoSci. I’m excited to see where this goes.

Update (6/10/13): VideoSci is now fully optimized for mobile platforms. It looks great on any device, from your desktop to your iPad.