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Hell Is Other People: Avoid your friends with this anti-social network

Hell Is Other People: Avoid your friends with this anti-social network

by Brad MerrillJune 20, 2013

Well, this is different.

Want to stop running into people you know at bars and restaurants? While services like Foursquare help you discover cool places where your friends are hanging out, Hell is Other People—an “experiment in social media—maps where your friends are so you can stay away from them. Users log into the website via Foursquare to launch a “Friend Map” powered by Google Maps and Foursquare, which shows where your friends are (orange dots) based on their most recent check-in and recommends “safe distances” (green dots) to avoid running into them.

It looks like this:

The app’s name comes from a famous line from writer and existentialist philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre’s play No Exit. The site’s creator, Scott Garner, explains the experiment’s purpose:

This project is partially a satire, partially a commentary on my disdain for “social media”, and partially an exploration of my own difficulties with social anxiety.

The irony, of course, is that you have to find your friends to hide from them. Further, they have to be checking into places for the program to be effective. The video above is basically a lonely, moving selfie of Garner discovering new places around New York City while staying clear of his friends.

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