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7 Reasons A Coffee Shop Entrepreneur Should Stay Vigilant At All Times

7 Reasons A Coffee Shop Entrepreneur Should Stay Vigilant At All Times

by James KirbyJuly 3, 2013

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You think you’re cool because it’s 10 a.m. and you are sitting in a coffee shop. Life can’t get any better than running your online business from anywhere you want. I bet you’ve even forgot what it’s like to sit down and write something without having waiter service. Just remember to stay vigilant at all times and never let your surroundings let you slack off. To reinforce that idea I want to share with you some serious things that could go wrong while you’re sipping on your cappuccino.

Save ‘the list’

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Everyone who has anything to do with an online business knows that the email list is very important because your customers have given you permission to contact them. You have a list of proven buyers and if you send out an email asking them to buy something you would instantly see money in your account. Export and save your list as often as possible before your autoresponder company deletes it by mistake.

Update security software

How would you feel if you ended up getting a horrible virus? Behind the scenes some sneaky character has planted keylogging software and they are recording everything you type. What will they do once they know all of your passwords and account details? Make sure your security software is updated and silly things like this are much less likely to happen. It will only take you a few minutes to check.

Recurring payments

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If you have to pay money every month for something it’s pretty easy to remember, but when you pay yearly it’s very easy to forget. What happens when you don’t see the email telling you to pay an overdue invoice and your service is taken away? You should set up a calendar reminder for each of your recurring payments and it means you won’t forget anything.

An unexpected emergency


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You must make sure that you have money saved away for a rainy day because if something was to go wrong you might need quick access to funds. If you have to drain all the money out of your business account you could end up in serious trouble. Could you continue to run the business with no money? Would you be able to hold everything together until your finances got better?

Your laptop breaks

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Because you’re sitting in a coffee shop I’m going to assume you use an external hard drive to back up your files. What if something goes wrong with your laptop? It might stop working one day and you would be in deep trouble. The only solution when you don’t work from home is to have an online storage account so you can save your files in the cloud where they will be safe.

A big mistake

Image Credit: Nemo / Pixabay

Image Credit: Nemo / Pixabay

Something will always go wrong because you’re a human and we make mistakes, but the trick is to limit the amount of times something big goes wrong. The biggest disasters usually involve your customers. A good one is sending out the wrong email to a list of thousands. Before you realize what you’ve done wrong they will all start unsubscribing from your list because of a mistake, so double check everything before you send it.

Someone steals your money

Image Credit: geralt / Pixabay

Image Credit: geralt / Pixabay

You might not be able to do everything on your own. That is perfectly normal and you end up having to hire people to do certain things. It’s easy for someone to steal your money, so don’t give them the chance. Whenever you have to pay for something you should use an escrow service and they won’t get a cent until they’ve completed the work to a good enough standard.

This post was contributed by James Kirby; he is a blogger who enjoys writing about his interests and opinions when he has spare time. By day, he works for WebWatcher which provides computer monitoring software to its clients.

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