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SocialTyer: Crowdsourced Social Affiliate Marketing

SocialTyer: Crowdsourced Social Affiliate Marketing

by Brad MerrillJuly 30, 2013

SocialTyer is a new approach to affiliate marketing, introducing the concept of crowdselling. It offers a performance-based environment where entrepreneurs can market their products with the help of social media users (Tyers). Tyers select products they want to share on their social media accounts. Introducing the product to their friends and followers increases exposure and sales, and Tyers receive a 10% commission for every sale they generate.

Behind SocialTyer are founders Jonathan Gosper and Girish Alwani.

Gosper grew up in France and decided to attend college in the United States. He now intends to stay in the States to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams. Gosper came up with the idea for SocialTyer after brainstorming ways to leverage social media to reach new customers. He currently looks over the company’s daily operations and marketing strategy.

Alwani came to the US from the Netherlands Antilles for college. He spends most of his time managing the efforts of the outsourcing team in charge of coding the website.

“There is a need to help early-stage entrepreneurs introduce products to the market,” Gosper tells me. “We’re here to end the entrepreneurial waste resulting from overpriced marketing solutions. Too many individuals have great ideas and products that never make it to the top because of a lack of exposure. Advertising agencies work well for big companies but no one is attempting to help entrepreneurs. We’re here to change that.”

The guys at SocialTyer really care about entrepreneurs: “Needless to say that if we help create more successful entrepreneurs, the world will be a better place. More problem solvers means more jobs and more jobs mean more spending power, a better economy and all around happiness!”

The company is shooting for an early-fall launch. They’ve had an incredible response so far. “Although we haven’t been able to show too much,” says Gosper, “we’re close to 2,000 likes on Facebook, have nearly 300 sign ups to our upcoming Beta release and have 500+ products ready to be listed. This pre-launch traction makes us very optimistic for what’s to come.”

You can sign up for SocialTyer’s upcoming launch here. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter for updates.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.