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Three Business Branding Tools Your Company Can't Survive Without

Three Business Branding Tools Your Company Can't Survive Without

by Henry WilsonAugust 12, 2013

If you run a successful business then you don’t need us to tell you the power and importance of great branding. In today’s climate, you need to do everything that you can to stand out, and if you have consistent and good quality branding then people will clock you, and remember you. Branding is all about sending a message out into the world about how you want to be perceived. What is your business’s personality? What are its ethics? And why are you a cut above your competitors? Good branding will show potential clients that you mean business, and that you take your corporate identity seriously. Every business wants to be affiliated with similarly respected outfits, so it’s essential that you paint yourself as professional and capable.

Your business stationery and your online presence need to be consistent with one another, so it’s important that you use a top-notch designer for your branding and that whatever they come up with is applied across the board. This means using a good quality web designer too, as well as a brilliant printing company. Here are the top three items of business stationery that you need to focus on:

Business Cards

Even in today’s world of online social and business networking, there is still no substitute for the good old-fashioned business card. Yours should be well printed, on great quality card, and it should stand out from the rest. Your branding should be heavily stamped on the card, and it should look stylish while still holding all the information that the recipient needs to get hold of you. Go for something different such as an embossed card, a plastic card or a different shape to the usual one to really help you be remembered by those that you meet on your travels.

Your Business Brochure

Again, as much as your website is important, you will still need hard copies of your brochure for handing out when you meet people face-to-face. They are also great for leaving out in public places for people to pick up. The brochure should be designed by a professional, making sure there are absolutely no spelling, grammatical or punctuation mistakes. The brochure should not be too text-heavy, instead incorporating loads of pictures and also leaving enough blank space so as not to make it look too busy. It should be easy to read, and it should be obvious what you do from a first glance. Of course, your branding needs to be stamped all over this too.

Letterheads, Envelopes & ‘With Compliments’ Slips

Your corporate stationery list should extent to all your envelopes and letters. The more consistent your approach, the better the impact will be. Have your logo and branding stamped discreetly on a corner of each envelope (a printer will be able to do this easily for you). Letterheads for your communication and invoices should be similarly laid out, and your compliment slips should reflect the same branding.

Branding is all about simplicity and consistency. How could you improve on your company’s branding?

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Today’s post has been contributed by Henry Wilson, who works for Minuteman Press which offers digital printing services in Calgary. He enjoys spending time with his family when he isn’t busy working. For more information on his work, log on to

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