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Is Your Spare Bedroom Doubling Up As An Office? Here's How To Manage It!

Is Your Spare Bedroom Doubling Up As An Office? Here's How To Manage It!

by Rose JonesAugust 21, 2013

When you work from home it is hard to find a space that is purely dedicated to your work. If you are lucky enough to have a separate area for you to shut the door and work away, then you’re in a good position. But for many people, they have no other option than to use the spare bedroom, and work as best they can in there. This leads to lots of problems, the biggest one being how on earth do you make it feel like a bedroom again when you have guests to stay? If the room has to be functional as an office and a bedroom then there are certain things you can do to make it as easy as possible for yourself. We’ll give you a few tips here:

Storage Is Vital

Any office needs to be organized, but none more so than a bedroom/office. Invest in a load of storage boxes for old papers and files, and if you can, store them elsewhere. You should aim to only have the current folders and papers that you need in the office so that the mess is as minimal as possible. Some people store their old files in their garage, while others pay for professional storage. You need to keep hold of this paperwork for when the taxman visits, but it doesn’t have to be immediately to hand, so get it out of the office altogether if you can.

Use Screens

A screen is a great idea for dividing up a room into two. On the office side you can use it to pin notes and calendars to, and on the bedroom side perhaps you could hang a painting, or cover it with an attractive throw. If the room is big enough, then splitting it into two is your best bet. Of course you still won’t be able to work in there if there are guests staying as a screen is not enough to give them the privacy that they need, but at least when you are working in there it will feel like a contained office. And when guests stay, they don’t need to see all the office equipment that is dotted everywhere!

Be a Minimalist

If space is an issue for you then you can’t afford to be a hoarder. Keep your office really tidy and clean, and make sure that you keep your office equipment to a minimum. These days you don’t need massive filing cabinets for example, as most of your documents will be saved electronically. Use a laptop rather than a bulky PC so that you can easily unplug and work elsewhere when guests are staying. The more organized and tidy you keep your office area, the easier you will find it to work there, so get yourself into the habit of filing and tidying as you go.

Sharing an office is never an ideal situation, but with enough creative thought it is always possible to find areas where compromises can be made. What other ideas have you got for making a multi-purpose room work?

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Rose Jones, the author of this post, works at Grand Crayon Office Supplies, an online provider of office supplies in Ontario. Besides claiming to be a massive football fan, she also has a passion for writing articles for blogs.

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