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Automattic Acquires Cloudup To Improve WordPress

Automattic Acquires Cloudup To Improve WordPress

by Brad MerrillSeptember 26, 2013

WordPress parent company Automattic has acquired file-sharing service Cloudup, which launched in beta in June. The acquisition will help Automattic boost two WordPress features in particular: the media library used for uploading visual content and post editing to allow multiple users to collaborate on a post.

Cloudup is an offshoot of ed-tech company LearnBoost, which was founded in 2010, meaning it includes the same team and investors. LearnBoost co-founder and CTO Guillermo Rauch said the classroom management service will continue to operate under Automattic as well.

Initially, the Cloudup team will focus their efforts on revamping the post editor and replacing’s media library with Cloudup. Automattic founder Matt Mullenweg said that the service i much more advanced, elegant, and intuitive than’s current media uploader. “Not many people say their favorite feature is the media library,” he said.

Cloudup’s technology will also enable multiple users to edit and write at the same time, meaning a writer could be composing the text while a photographer uploads images to the same post.

Mullenweg said that he sees’s coming co-editing features as different from services like Google Drive. The latter treats documents as documents, he said, whereas a blog post is a much richer experience due to its multimedia features.

There is not yet an ETA for the new features, but Mullenweg said the intention is to have them up and running as soon as possible.

This deal brings Automattic’s employee count to just over 200 people. While the majority of Cloudup employees are San Francisco based, three are international. One will be Automattic’s first Brazil-based employee, which extends the company’s reach to 29 countries.

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