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Make Your Smartphone Smarter With Gecko

Make Your Smartphone Smarter With Gecko

by Brad MerrillOctober 21, 2013

The Gecko is a gesture-control addition to your smartphone to make it a little bit smarter. Each motion made by the guitar-pick sized gadget triggers a phone action—like keyboard shortcuts, but better.

So long as the Gecko and the phone are within Bluetooth connection distance, you can have the device control music, trigger the camera, or make an emergency call.

The people behind the Gecko have some pretty wild use cases in mind as well: “Break the leash. The Gecko smart leash sets off an alarm if your pet/kid moves away. So you can head Fido off the next time he’s on his way out of the door.”

They’ve already doubled their $50,000 fundraising goal on Indiegogo, so this is a sure thing. Check out their website to pre-order your Gecko today.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.