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MailChimp Introduces New Price Tiers For Small Businesses

MailChimp Introduces New Price Tiers For Small Businesses

by Brad MerrillOctober 21, 2013

Newsletter service MailChimp updates their app every month, and this month they’re introducing a big change that has nothing to do with features.

MailChimp is adding 8,000 new users daily, most of which are small businesses. “We remember what that’s like, so we added more pricing tiers to encourage the growth of your list—and your business,” the company said in a newsletter. They’ve divided their pricing plans into $5 increments, from $10 up to $240.

Prices will not increase for current users, and some might even see a decrease.

MailChimp has also revealed some other great updates this month. First, they’ve released a MailChimp Editor for iPad, an app that allows you to edit and send campaigns from anywhere. They’ve also announced Goal, which allows you to trigger autoresponders from actions on your website, and Conversations, which help you keep track of replies from subscribers.

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