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Introducing The World's Most Offensive App

Introducing The World's Most Offensive App

by Brad MerrillOctober 28, 2013

Incentive-based marketing and sales strategies are nothing new in the business world, and it’s generally not a bad arrangement, as both parties get something out of the deal. Now one app is rethinking that paradigm. What I presume was years of rejection has resulted in an app that allows male users to provide “incentives” to women in exchange for dates.

Carrot Dating gets its name from the idea that bribing women into giving guys dates evens out the playing field for users who haven’t had much success with other more mainstream dating sites. The process is apparently comparable to holding a carrot in front of a donkey’s face to get it to move.

I can understand that there are nice guys out there looking for love, and I can even support the idea that they might have to get a little creative to find it. But let’s take a quick look at the track record of Carrot Dating’s founder. This lovely dating site is provided by Brandon Wade, whose other efforts include SeekingArrangement, SeekingMillionaire, and WhatsYourPrice. These sites bring in a lot of money, but at what cost?

According to Wade, dating attractive singles is simple—you just have to bribe them. Users of Carrot Dating offer bribes (or “carrots”), and singles decide if having dinner with a troll is worth a new tattoo, a tank of gas, or a paid trip. Other notable bribes include plastic surgery (!), skydiving, and even a simple dinner, which, back in the good old days, would have happened anyway.

If you’re a man who’s into objectifying women, or a woman who likes being objectified, then have at it. But my gut tells me this site would make most people feel a little weird. I mean, it doesn’t just turn women into objects—it takes it a step further by comparing them to animals.

Wade defends his startup in an interview with Esquire:

I really believe that this will help a lot of people find, if not their soulmate, certainly a romantic partner. I love women, and I am certainly not here promoting that people should abuse them or treat them as an object. The carrot, the bribery, is really about an icebreaker. Dating is very superficial, but unless you get yourself in the door with that first date, you’re never gonna have a shot. You’re never gonna win the lottery if you don’t buy a ticket.

Indeed, Wade has taken a lot of heat for this app, and rightfully so. But I’ll give him this: he’s certainly gotten a lot of people talking.

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