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mySkin Launches ScanZ Device And App To Monitor The Health Of Your Skin

mySkin Launches ScanZ Device And App To Monitor The Health Of Your Skin

by Brad MerrillOctober 28, 2013

SkanZ, a product unveiled today at TechCrunch Disrupt Europe, combines a new, smartphone-connected device with a mobile app to help teens battle acne.

The product comes from a company called mySkin, which has launched a $150,000 Indiegogo campaign to fund the launch.

The initial version of ScanZ will be able to answer two questions about a zit—when it’s going away, and what you can do to make it go away more quickly. It can also answer a more general question—whether or not you’re about to break out.

When users are scanning their skin, ScanZ is illuminating them with different wavelengths of light, and it’s using different image processing techniques to analyze what it finds, including below the skin.

ScanZ also learns about your habits and your skin, bringing it all together in a personal “beauty map,” so its recommendations and predictions get smarter and more accurate with time.

Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Sava Marinkovich demoed the technology on stage at Disrupt today. He then answered a series of questions from the judges, reprinted below.

Q: You’ve raised $8 million in funding?
A: Yep, in two rounds.

Q: What’s the price?
A: It will cost $249 but there’s a discount of $169 for TechCrunch readers who order soon.

Q: I like the fact that everybody goes through this. Is there any other applciation of this technology?
A: Definitely. We’re starting in acne which is “the highest pain point” and “an emotional issue”. Once the platform rolls out, users can download different apps that use the same device, and those apps could cover things like hair, aging, anti-aging, and hyper-pigmentation.

Q: Other brands have had success with celebrity promotions. How are you approaching that?
A: In this area, “innovation until now has been primarily a marketing innovation.” mySkin is the first with technology innovation: “The market’s already primed.”

Q: How long does it take to scan? The on-stage scan took a “not insignificant” amount of time, and that was one pimple.
A: It’s going to get much faster, “a second or two max.”

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