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How To Get Business Clients' Feedback

How To Get Business Clients' Feedback

by Morgan JohnesNovember 11, 2013

Have you happened to sit and think about what will make your customers happier and more loyal to your company? It would be great if people would just come and tell you bluntly what they do not like about your products or services, or what they like most about them. Unfortunately, this has never been so easy and probably won’t be.

However, this is the exact reason why most marketing specialists are trying to emphasize the importance of getting business customer feedback. But how do we make our customers talk about everything they are interested in when it comes to your company, brand, products and services?

The important aspects of getting business clients’ feedback

Do you know what your customers really think of your products and services? Successful business owners realize how important customer feedback is, because if you are aware of customers’ attitudes about your products and services, you will get great ideas to improve their quality and thus diversify your product range.

In this regard, all experts in the field confess that awareness of what people really think of your business will help you make smart decisions, which will help you focus your energy in the right direction. Moreover, some ideas can be successfully applied in the marketing strategy of your company. On the other hand, your clients will appreciate that they have the opportunity to communicate with you and to know that they will be heard.

Feedback is not limited to only putting a feedback section on your company website. Here are couple of easy but very efficient ways of getting business clients’ feedback.

Online Surveys

If you have the email addresses of your customers, it is a great idea to make an online survey. One of the most popular current online services is SurveyMonkey, which offers cheap web-based solutions that are ideal for small businesses. Such an approach is especially appropriate when you have launched a new product or service and want to know if there are any problems—and if so, what kind of problems there are.

Creating an online community

Although most companies crave customers’ feedback, most of them are quite far from the ability of making their clients lead a “frank and open conversation”. There are different options on the Internet that allow you to create a platform for a customer community. However, you should bear in mind that all of these customer communities should be available on different mobile devices, and that there are different plugins that can be installed on every platform to provide you with more options. This will help you make a successful conversation with your customers and will also allow your clients to ask you questions about the products and services or your company.

Online Forum

There are various platforms available that you can use to create a specialized forum for your company. Most of these platforms are absolutely free, which means that you won’t have any unnecessary expenses about that and in the same time you will provide your customers with the opportunity to speak their mind freely. Which, on the other hand, will bring you a few extra points, because it will show them that you really find their opinion important.

Social Media Feedback

Society loves surveys and polls and is always glad to become a part of them, which can be beneficial to every company that needs and wants to learn the opinions and recommendations of its clients. All you need to do is post a question or poll on your Facebook wall or on Twitter. This approach can be used also to get a better view on your customers’ opinion of your new products and services.

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