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Yahoo In Talks To Acquire Imgur

Yahoo In Talks To Acquire Imgur

by Brad MerrillDecember 9, 2013

Yahoo is reportedly trying to buy Imgur. Or, at least, it has been trying. It’s unclear whether the two companies are still talking.

Business Insider’s Nicholas Carlson reports, citing a “source with first-hand knowledge” or the discussion, that Yahoo began “serious talks” to buy Imgur this fall.

A Yahoo acquisition of Imgur would be reminiscent of its acquisition of Tumblr. Both services are highly trafficked, full of gifs, and highly social. In September, Imgur reached 100,000,000 monthly unique users. The company said that milestone puts it among the top Internet properties in the world. The iOS app, by that point, had been downloaded 92,000 times, and the Android app 200,000 times.

Terms and pricing is unclear at this time, but BI’s guess is that ”

Yahoo would have to offer something between $100 million and $500 million. But who knows in a world where Snapchat supposedly turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook.”

Of course, acquisition talks fall apart all the time, so the deal may never come to fruition. It’s unclear if Imgur even wants to sell.

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