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Bawte Helps You Catalog And Find Support For Your Stuff

Bawte Helps You Catalog And Find Support For Your Stuff

by Brad MerrillMarch 5, 2014

bawte-lifestyle-screen-shotBawte (pronounced “bought”) is a new free iOS app and web platform that offers users a single place to go for information and support regarding any products they own, including appliances, consumer electronics, sporting goods, baby products, and more.

When things break, it really sucks for consumers, and there’s no set way for them to get their problems resolved. That’s the problem this Iowa-based startup wants to solve, by making it a consistent experience regardless of the brand or product.

Bawte eliminates the clutter of keeping all of your old manuals, etc., and saves you the trouble of having to scour the Web later in life if you choose not to hold onto them.

Behind Bawte are co-founders John Jackovin and Tom Love. “I graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in marketing,” Jackovin tells me. “After working for a few companies in the consumer goods space, I met Tom Love, and over dinner we discussed what would be our first startup launching in 2000. I ended up developing the first product without any formal software development training. Since then we have started many successful startups. We most recently exited an ecommerce platform that allowed consumers to design custom window grilles for their home.”

“We aim to disrupt the post-purchase consumer experience by offering one place to go for any information you could ever need no matter what product or brand you are dealing with,” says Jackovin. “Whenever you run into an issue, just hit the help icon in the app to connect with Bawte’s human support team. Your own personal product concierge will come to the rescue with a very simple, yet thorough plan on how to handle your issue. Bawte connects with brands directly to figure out what needs to happen and takes all that calling, emailing and waiting on hold off your plate.”

The first version of Bawte launched in 2012. Since then, the company has “figured out what doesn’t work,” according to Jackovin. “We simply didn’t solve a big enough problem. This has given us a lot of confidence going into our new release.”

I’m told that Bawte has a good group of consumer brands that support what they’re trying to accomplish.

On the subject of the future, Jackovin had this to add: “Our biggest goal is to provide a ridiculously awesome value for our members. We call users members because we want feel them to feel as if they belong to something bigger. If we can make Bawte the best experience possible during a time that may be stressful or difficult then we have accomplished our goals and everything downstream will be a matter of ‘when,’ not ‘if.'”

You can learn more on Bawte’s website. They’re also on Twitter and Facebook.


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