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Revisiting 2013 Mistakes: Marketing Strategies To Overcome Your Hurdles This Year

Revisiting 2013 Mistakes: Marketing Strategies To Overcome Your Hurdles This Year

by Nick RojasMarch 6, 2014

Every marketer has a different goal in mind when they write a piece of content or a press release. Some want to drive traffic to a website; some want to increase the sales of their products or services; others just want to generate awareness of their business. No matter the end goal, every marketer needs to make sure their efforts are effective and that they are avoiding any major writing snag. Here are some strategies that can help marketers to overcome some common marketing hurdles.

Exude confidence. Marketers who work under a boss or for clients may find that there may be a difference in opinion on what constitutes as a great story to write a press report on. A situation like this can be difficult, but in most cases, the marketer typically has expertise and work experience to back up his opinion. In this situation, the marketer is the one with the right knowledge and should exude the confidence that comes with such background. Remember, there is a reason experienced marketers are hired by businesses—it’s because they know what they are doing.

Find another route. For bosses that insist on coverage on a less-than-news-worthy story, finding another way to write about it can help. Instead of covering the piece with a published press release, opting to turn it into a blog post or social media posts are both good alternatives. They can also be added to company newsletters or email mailers.

Tailor to the audience. It is impossible to write a press release and make it relevant to everyone. Rather than attempting to make the write up too general, it pays to tailor it to the specific audience. Use relevant examples or mention particular regions or cities if necessary.

But aim high if the story is big. While it makes sense to tailor most stories to its main audience, a story that is of interest to the general public can definitely be broadcasted to the masses. For example, stories that would be covered by national news and broadcast media are often up-to-the-minute and of interest to many.

Banish writer’s block. Even the best marketing writers get stuck sometimes. It could be that the story is just so good that they aren’t sure how to start it. Or that they just get distracted. Either way, writer’s block happens. The best way to remedy this is to turn to a pen and paper and just brainstorm and outline. Writing a draft, and then another draft, is helpful as well. It’s important to remember that no draft is ever perfect the first time around. Even the most skilled writers need to write, edit, and edit more.

No matter the marketing goal, every marketer will experience a hurdle every now and then. It could be forced into writing something that really isn’t newsworthy or it could be difficulty getting past writer’s block. No matter the reason, these hurdles can really put a damper on a writer’s flow. Following these strategies can help marketers overcome the most common hurdles they face.

Nick Rojas is an online writer who enjoys sharing his passion for business success with others, and often shares his writing on’s blog. He is currently working on becoming an expert in the field of business communications, and can always be found helping other businesses grow.  

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