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Google Hangouts And Gmail Chat Go Down

Google Hangouts And Gmail Chat Go Down

by Brad MerrillMarch 17, 2014


Google’s real-time chat services, including Hangouts in Google+ and Gmail chat, went down today, in an outage that appears to be fairly widespread. Messages in Gmail’s chat integration are receiving system messages like “[User] did not receive your chat” or simply not showing up, while in Google+ a loading animation with “Things are taking longer than expected” is showing up in the Hangouts tab. On mobile, we’re seeing authentication errors when signing into the service.

So far, Google hasn’t changed the status of the service in its Apps Status Dashboard, but we will update this story as we learn more about the cause of the outage and when we can expect service restoration.

Some report not seeing any issues, so this outage may be limited, but reports from Twitter and elsewhere confirm that the service interruption extends to a considerable group of users.

UPDATE: Google’s press team has stated that the company is “investigating reports of an issue with Google+ Hangouts,” and plans to provide more information shortly.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.
  • I’ve heard some reports of Google Drive issues as well, but seems to be all clear on my end.

    • The irony of this timely incident is that Google with-in hours prompted me to upgrade to Google Apps for business for better reliability.