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Google Translate Starts Crowdsourcing Translation Improvements

Google Translate Starts Crowdsourcing Translation Improvements

by Brad MerrillApril 11, 2014


Google is trying out a new feature that allows users to edit results in Google Translate.

As the unofficial Google Operating System blog notes, there’s now an ‘Improve This Translation’ button in the results pane that lets you edit the entire outcome. When you make a change, a message reads: “Your contribution will be used to improve translation quality and may be shown to users anonymously.”

Previously, users could highlight and click individual words and phrases from the translated text and choose from a list of alternatives.

“Google Translate learns and continues to improve from translations found across the web,” a Google spokesperson tells me, “and we’ve also added new ways for people to give feedback. If you see a poorly structured or incorrect translation, you can submit a suggested improvement to the whole phrase. We encourage you to to give this new feature a spin!”

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