LinkedIn is shutting down CardMunch, a free iOS app for converting business cards into digital contacts. The service was pulled from the App Store today and will be completely discontinued on July 11.

To fill the gap, the company is forming a partnership with Evernote. The note-taking service already already works with LinkedIn: Premium users have been able to scan business cards and send that data to LinkedIn with Evernote’s iOS app since December. In March, the feature was updated to allow users to connect with people on LinkedIn via their business cards, without ever leaving the Evernote app.

Current CardMunch users will be transitioned to the Evernote app and enjoy two years of free business card scanning, with no subscription required. Further, all Evernote users will get a free year of business card scanning, starting today.

CardMunch users also have the option to export their data before moving over to Evernote.