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Foursquare's New Check-In App, Swarm, Is Now Available

Foursquare's New Check-In App, Swarm, Is Now Available

by Brad MerrillMay 15, 2014

Foursquare’s Swarm app is now available for iOS and Android, letting you find nearby friends and check in to bars restaurants, and other places. Foursquare announced Swarm two weeks ago as one half of its newly split personality—one app for finding friends and checking in, and another (launching this summer) for finding great places to go nearby.

Like Foursquare, Swarm lets you check in to show friends where you are, but it also uses passive signals to show you which of your friends are nearby even when they haven’t checked in. If you want to hide your location, you can go off the grid with a single swipe.

Foursquare has also introduced some new features in Swarm. The app lets you suggest plans to your Swarm friends (which are separate from your Foursquare friends) and then text the people who say they’re interested. Swarm also lets you search your entire check-in history, a long-requested feature in Foursquare.

With all the new features in Swarm, the company is also retiring some old ones, like mayorships, leaderboards, and other gamification features. For now, you can find these features in Foursquare’s main app, but they will disappear in the next update.

Foursquare is really betting on sharing your location with friends—not on the concept of checking in to earn points.

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