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MailLift Will Send Handwritten Direct Mail On Behalf Of Your Business

MailLift Will Send Handwritten Direct Mail On Behalf Of Your Business

by Brad MerrillJuly 10, 2014

It’s not common these days to receive a handwritten letter from a business (or anyone, actually), so when you do, it really makes an impact.

Austin startup MailLift is helping businesses take advantage of that fact by sending personalized, handwritten letters on their behalf. Ideally, this improves customer acquisition and retention while keeping your staff “more focused on your customers and less on their penmanship.”

Each letter is written by a real person in the U.S., reviewed for quality, and sent with your local postmark and return address.

MailLift was founded by Brian Curliss and Daniel Jurek.

“Brian built a high end vacation rental company with no upfront capital, no team, and built it to a ~$250k run rate in 6 months,” I’m told. “He also created the SaaS Business Model Canvas, audited 4 years of upper division classes at multiple top universities, and placed top 15 during 2011 and 2012 Global Startup Battle with 10k others competing.” And he paid for college selling light-up swords.

“Daniel built a browser-based enterprise phone system and is considered an expert on transactional APIs like Twilio. He closed MILLIONS in technical software sales for government and private contracts around the world. He also led an engineering team at Microsoft that shipped MS Office patches downloaded billions of times each month.”

So, what problem is MailLift trying to solve?

“Every business we know of is constantly trying to increase conversions,” Brian tells me. “It can be sign ups, activation or most important of all converting as many people as possible to become paid customers.

“So, we all resort to what we know best – email marketing to start nurturing leads. In spite of these efforts, according MarketingSherpa, 79% of the leads never convert into sales. So, what is really going on?

“When so many of us are all doing the same thing, it becomes hard to stand out. Prospects already receive plenty of emails. With corporate users sending and receiving over 100 emails a day, it is very easy for customers to ignore your email. With handwritten letters, it has become easier to not only stand out, but also accelerate the sales cycle. It also increases the Customer Lifetime Value by increasing customer loyalty and satisfaction.”

When Wufoo was small, they sent handwritten notes to each of their customers for as long as they could. But eventually, as they grew, they found they just couldn’t scale that personal touch.

“We developed MailLift to make such personal and customer-centric activities scalable as companies grow,” says Brian. “All the boring and time-consuming work of writing notes and envelopes is done by our skilled writers.”

The service currently offers three main pricing options: Envelope Only ($3), Bi-Fold Card ($5), and Tri-Fold Letter ($8).


MailLift got accepted to last October. Shortly thereafter, they made their first four-digit sale and doubled their staff. The company has recently landed contracts with “two large enterprise clients,” I’m told, and companies like AdRoll and YEC use them regularly.

The startup has also raised money from founders and alumni of PayPal, Hubspot, Grasshopper, and other notable firms.

You can check out MailLift here, and follow them on Twitter @MailLift.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.