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LawTrades Provides On-Demand Legal Help For Startups, Small Businesses, And Consumers

LawTrades Provides On-Demand Legal Help For Startups, Small Businesses, And Consumers

by Brad MerrillJuly 30, 2014

NYC startup LawTrades is shaking up the legal industry, making legal help more accessible to small businesses and consumers than ever before. It’s a marketplace that connects clients to lawyers, streamlining the process and making lawyers more transparent and affordable.

LawTrades has a founding team of three. Raad Ahmed, CEO, attended Saint John’s University and graduated from SUNY Buffalo University school of law. Ashish Walia, COO, attended Saint John’s with Raad and is currently finishing up his last two semesters of law school. Aman Nagpal, VP of Marketing, attended Boston University and met his co-founders through the fraternity they’d all pledged.

Ashish Walia spoke to VentureBreak for this story.

“We’re making legal services accessible,” he tells me. “Instead of having to talk to a secretary and play phone tag with a lawyer, you can post your job and a LawTrades lawyer will contact you within minutes. If you want to choose lawyers yourself, you can find lawyers and schedule consultations online.”

Legal services are more affordable with LawTrades, as lawyers offer flat fee rates on the platform. “Instead of worrying about paying a huge hourly rate or a large retainer, you can pay one flat fee and get the job done.”

LawTrades also keeps things transparent. All lawyers are reviewed by the company prior to having their services listed. “We make sure that every lawyer has the requisite experience, no misconduct and we vet every lawyer before they sign up,” says Walia.

There are a ton of legal services available out there—how does a new lawyer break through the noise and find clients? Walia makes a great point: law school doesn’t teach students anything about marketing or finding new clients. LawTrades takes care of that side of the business for them.

“The current process of finding a lawyer is incredibly broken,” I’m told. Most businesses and consumers will need legal help at some point. “It’s usually a stressful situation and chances are, you’re going to be in a rush to get your legal issue handled. You shouldn’t have to wait to get help. You should be able leverage technology to get lawyer introductions, price quotes and pay online all within a few steps and get the help from a vetted community of lawyers.” In a world where you can book a table at a restaurant or summon a cab with a single tap on your mobile device, why shouldn’t the same standard be applied to the legal industry?

After building up the platform in NYC, they’ve managed to launch their service in other major cities and states, including Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Chicago, Dallas, and New Jersey, with Seattle and Miami in the works.

As for the future, the company aims to build up the entire end-to-end process: “Not only will you be able to ‘connect’ with a lawyer, but soon, you’ll be able to hire a lawyer right on the site and pay for their services online at a discounted rate.

“We also hope to be in every major city within the next seven months and become the go-to resource for anyone that’s in need of legal help.”

You can check out LawTrades here. They’re also on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Ashish Walia welcomes emails from current and potential users. You can reach him at [email protected].


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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.
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