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iPhone 6 Plus In Short Supply

iPhone 6 Plus In Short Supply

by Brad MerrillSeptember 19, 2014

As BGR reported yesterday, there is “no chance” of finding an iPhone 6 Plus in retail stores today.

The iPhone 6 is available to some degree in all colors and storage capacities, but the iPhone 6 Plus is extremely scarce. Some retail stores didn’t receive any stock of the larger device, and those that did were limited to a single color, we’ve heard from multiple sources.

I spoke with a representative at Sprint this morning who told me his store got a grand total of zero iPhone 6 Plus units, noting that it may be 2–3 weeks before his and other retail stores have stock of the device.

Apple Stores are your best bet for picking up an iPhone 6 Plus—but if you haven’t been waiting in line, you’re probably out of luck there as well.

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Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.