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The New Oculus Rift Prototype: Crescent Bay

The New Oculus Rift Prototype: Crescent Bay

by Brad MerrillSeptember 20, 2014

You can’t yet buy a consumer version of the Oculus Rift VR headset, but it’s getting really close. The company has just announced a brand new prototype at the Oculus Connect conference in Los Angeles, and it’s apparently a major leap forward.

We have yet to hear all of the tech specs, but the new headset features higher resolution, improved optics, and 360-degree tracking. And, for the first time, the headset has built-in headphones, which adjust in all directions for a comfortable fit. Oculus says audio is going to become a major focus going forward: “Starting today, we are working on audio as aggressively as we are on the vision side,” says CEO Brendan Iribe.

Crescent Bay “is as massive a leap as we made from DK1 to DK2,” says Iribe. “This prototype shows the quality, the features, the presence we need to deliver consumer VR.”

Oculus also talked a bit about their overall plan for VR, and why they’re building a PC headset and a smartphone headset with Samsung. “We see these two categories continuing to converge, overlap, but not replace one another,” says Iribe. “Mobile VR will continue to complement PC VR. We strongly believe it’s important to lead in both to do this right.”

The company plans to have VR app stores on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, along with a specific one for Samsung’s Gear VR, in addition to a Web browser experience of some kind.

After trying an earlier prototype, I really believe the Oculus Rift is the future of VR. They’re getting really close to making this thing a consumer product, and I’m so excited for it.

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