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iOS 8.1 Kills Movie Box And Other Unapproved Apps That Use The 'Date Trick'

iOS 8.1 Kills Movie Box And Other Unapproved Apps That Use The 'Date Trick'

by Brad MerrillOctober 18, 2014

UPDATE (11/15/14): Now you can install Movie Box on iOS 8.1 without a jailbreak. Click here to see how.

Earlier this month, we showed you how to install Movie Box on iOS 8 without a jailbreak. But it looks like the free movie streaming app will be killed by the next version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 8.1, when it rolls out on Monday.

Movie Box isn’t the only affected app, though. Any app that depends on what is colloquially called the ‘date trick’ will be squashed. GBA4iOS, a Game Boy Advance emulator, is another prominent example.

The ‘date trick’ requires the user to set their device’s date back to a certain point before installing an app, essentially tricking iOS into thinking the app’s security certificate is valid. The process is far from intuitive, but it works—and for high-demand apps like Movie Box and GBA4iOS, users will do almost anything. It was a great solution for those who weren’t savvy enough to jailbreak, or who just preferred to stick with the stock version of iOS.

As of iOS 8.1, users will no longer be able to install apps that require the date trick. The apps will download, but iOS will recognize the invalid certificate and kill the installation. Furthermore, previously installed apps that require the date trick will no longer open. There is no workaround at this point.

If you’ve been using unapproved apps with the date trick, you may want to hold off on that update when it arrives on Monday.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.
  • Alfredo

    if im on ios 8.1, can i not get something like moviebox? ive tried to revert back to ios 8.0.2 and i just cant?

    • Louis

      Same problem with me. I tried to download an 8.0.2 restore but the firmware isnt the same and wont let me restore

    • Nope, nothing like MovieBox on 8.1 at the moment. Devs have been looking for a way around the patch, but it doesn’t look good so far.

    • iOS Jailberaks

      Try it’s the old version but it works!

    • Mike

      You can go back ios 8.0.2. I actually already did not too long ago

      • Yep, but those who want to revert need to do it soon, while Apple is still signing 8.0.2.

  • FuckApple


    • FuckApple

      This is the verison i have installed on my iPad 2 IOS 8.1 of MovieBox 3.1 (build 3)
      大小:8.4 MB

      • lindsay

        How please help it won’t work for me

  • Fratam
    • Kylix

      Confirmed! Just installed and launched on both my iPhone 5S and iPad Air! Works again!

    • iltas

      im n ios 8.1 i cant install movie box plz help imn jsilbreaked

  • slangston77

    I updated iOS to 8.1 and then installed movie box from without changing date and it installed correctly. Problem is not it will not update or play videos. Any ideas?

    • iltas

      im n ios 8.1 i cant install movie box plz help

      • Moviebox

        Go to @moviebox_help on Twitter for links

    • TechRax

      Hey guys, moviebox stop supporting older iOS devices so now there is another movie app at .

      • Jake

        Password is bigu

    • SiKni8Man

      I keep getting “movie not available.” I have a jailbroken iphone 5s with iOS8.1.2 and I even added the VPN the app recommends but still nothing. The DOWNLOAD and WATCH is disabled. Did anyone have it working yet? Thanks.

  • Nanoq

    Everytime I open movie box it goes to itunes store……I have tried everything……HELP

    • Pvdb


      • Matt

        atleast u have movie box i cant even download it!

        • Pvdb

          Yes, but it won’t work because it goes to the appstore all the time

          • Moviebox

            Check out our tweets for links and solutions

        • Liam James Cullen
    • Pvdb

      Hey, I found a solution! Go to settings -> general -> restrictions, and them turn off ‘installing apps’. Now you won’t be sent to the App Store all the time when you open MovieBox. But only turn it off when you wanna watch a movie because otherwise you can’t install apps. Hope this helped for everybody!

  • Jay

    ok, ill wait around for the fix before updating my ipad. already did my phone. Missing my tweaks <3

  • Mervin

    Hi guys, I m on ios8.1 also cannot install moviebox at this time? Any updates on it?

  • Joshua

    I can’t download it and I have iOS 8.1 can anyone help me ?

  • giovanni

    My iphone is updated to 8.1 and I would like to install movie box. When I open and press install, the icon doesn’t come on my homescreen. When I try this on my ipad and other phone this problem doesn’t occur. please help

    • Tzviki

      I have the same problem

      • Liam James cullen
        • Moviebox

          • Bigby

            As for me, it doesn’t work? When click on install nothing happens at all((
            The icon of the app won’t even show up

          • Phatchump

            This asks for a password. Is there one?

          • Moviebox

            All passwords are on

          • Angela

            I tried the link but it still won’t work. I mistakenly upgraded to iOS 8.1.3 without thinking this morning. HELP??

  • Jacob Yamashita

    Hi so I had ios 8 and i didn’t want the new iOS update so I had the app but it keep closing out so I deleted the app then when I tryed to re download it so it works so far until the time when it wants to install then it won’t any help message me [email protected]
    iMessage ⬆️⬆️

  • Moe

    Guys the build 6 of moviebox installs and works

  • Stephen

    It does work folks. This is what you need to do. Go to Settings, General, Date & Time, Deselect “Set Automatically” (make sure it is not turned on), then change your date to Sept 1, 2014, next go to It will download and install. After it downloads and installs, you can then go back through the same process and Select “Set Automatically” and it will change the date back for you. As for the updates, I am not sure.

    • Caleb

      worked for me

  • Good news! MovieBox is now working on iOS 8.1 without a jailbreak. Here’s the new tutorial:

  • Cadillac420
  • Panda020512

    And this morning it’s back to not working 🙁

  • Data Hold

    New website: htpp/

  • Anonymous

    You can download movie box just look for pgyer app recent and find movie box there

  • Liam James cullen The latest update for Moviebox 26/11/14

  • Nutelica

    Moviebox works to me but it want to upload new series or movies. It write like this OOPS..UPDATE DATA IS CORRUPTED. Can you help me with this issue’ Thx :*

  • Side Niggas Winning

    This is what I get when I go to watch a movie. Help?

  • Movie Head

    They Just shutdown movie box once again this is starting to get frustrating is there and will there be any other way around it

  • Taco Bello

    How come I need apassword ? What’s the password

  • Mathieu Flamini

    Can someone please tell me why the AppStore keeps opening when I launch Movie Box?

  • Assassins

    Everytime i open moviebox it just goes back to the Homepage.. Help me

  • Olivier Fleury

    it doesn’t work When I click on install nothing happens at all The icon of the

  • IPeter

    moviebox is now working pn ios 8.1.2 withoutjailbreak. Got to install the version you on jailbreak or nonjailbreak. And search for movie box and install. Done. Only thing is that is not the new undate. Thanks.

  • Guest

    Let me know for any question. Thanks.

  • ayeeee121

    I updated my phone to iOS 8.1.3 yesterday and I had no idea that this would happen and is there any trick or anything to download movie box again?

    • Angee41

      I updated my phone as well
      No trick
      No movie box however there is an alternative its hidden in the App Store search Cloud Movies and download it’s free and does the exact same as moviebox

  • Amaury

    Help movie won’t instal on iOS 8.1.3

  • Shannon

    iPhone 6 can’t download the app

  • Tali81

    Hi my moviebox stopped working few days ago and now won’t let me install again have tried the different links but still doesn’t wrk any ideas????

  • Mustafa Abulibda

    I the movies that I download,I can’t even watch it
    I click on it then goes away.
    Can you text me movie box at 347-376-5785

  • Ashley Rannfeldt

    i have ios 8.4.1 update and movie boxs dose not work

  • paul

    New link

    Password: bigu

  • starrychloe

    Why does Movie Box always stop working after a few days? Why does it fail to open after it’s been working for a while? Why does the developer name of the enterprise app keep changing?