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YouTube Now Supports 60fps Video

YouTube Now Supports 60fps Video

by Brad MerrillOctober 30, 2014

In a move that gamers will love, YouTube has added support for videos running at up to 60 frames per second. It only works in Chrome (for now), but it looks awesome. To play a video in 60fps, click on the settings icon in a playing video and take a look at the HD options under Quality. If you see 1080p60 and/or 720p60, you can select those to max out the video’s frame rate.

There hasn’t been an official announcement by YouTube, but Kotaku spotted several video game clips working at the higher frame rate.

Does this matter for most of the stuff you watch on YouTube? No. But it’s a major step forward for the gaming community, making YouTube a more enticing destination for gamers—especially after Google lost its rumored bid to buy Twitch earlier this year.

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