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How To Install Movie Box On iOS 8.1 Without A Jailbreak

How To Install Movie Box On iOS 8.1 Without A Jailbreak

by Brad MerrillNovember 15, 2014

UPDATE (3/8/15): We now have a new tutorial up for iOS 8.1.3. Check it out here: How To Install Movie Box On iOS 8.1.3 Without A Jailbreak For Free

Movie Box running on iOS 8.1 without a jailbreakWith the latest version of its mobile operating system, Apple patched the “date trick” that allowed some popular unapproved apps, like free movie-streaming app Movie Box, to install and run without a jailbreak.

Well, now there’s a way around it. Through an update to the app itself, developers have circumvented Apple’s fix—allowing Movie Box to run on iOS 8.1 with no problems, and with no need for a jailbreak.

You also don’t need to go through the weird date-change process this time. The installation is very straightforward, and we have confirmed that it works.

How To Install

Here’s how to install Movie Box on a non-jailbroken iOS device:

  1. Visit this link in Safari on your device:
  2. Click the green install button.
  3. Tap “Install” on the message box that pops up.
  4. Once the app finishes installing, open it and tap “Trust” on the warning that appears.
  5. Enjoy!

If you have any questions or problems, leave them in the comments below and someone will help you out!

If you’d rather take the plunge and jailbreak your device instead, you can find out how to do that here.

Update (11/19/14): This post has been updated with the latest working link ( If that link doesn’t work for you, give these ones a try—in this order:

About The Author
Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.
  • Qwertyz

    Does not work

    • What’s happening? We’ve installed it on multiple devices today.

      • Eand

        Worked perfectly! But then, the app crashes. I have restarted my iPad, deleted movie box and tried to reinstall. Now it won’t install. Even tried “Build 6” from pgyer.

        • Eand

          Set my date and time to Sep 1 and then back to automatic. Downloaded again… It works!!

          • Opeala

            I love you

          • Cman

            Mine still won’t download just click and nothing happens tried changing date back and forth and nothing any other ideas?

          • Are you on iOS 8.0 or 8.02 maybe? Those two versions require the date trick.

          • Vlajcekralj

            Keep saying that cant install at this moment, iPhone 5, iOS 8.1

      • Cman

        Any ideas I click on the link then the green button then install and nothing happens

        • Are you using Safari?

          • Cman

            Yes using safari
            iPad 4th generation retina display
            And iOS 8.1

      • cambiukpytou

        Hi Brad. I currently have IOS 8.1 on an IPhone 5s from ATT, and noted the following.
        1. Date trick back to Sept 1 and random dates prior. It shows that it downloads and installs like a normal app would, but after a couple of seconds says it could not be downloaded at this time.
        2. I used pgyer’s build 6 to download which is located at the link – No luck.
        3. Not sure how you are able to install it on multiple devices, but if you could give me some info on the devices you installed, it would be appreciated. Maybe we can figure out the difference between your devices and ours.

        • I just uninstalled the app on my personal device (an iPhone 5s on Sprint running iOS 8.1) and tried to install it again using this method. No luck. I’m now getting the “Unable to download app” error. It was working just two days ago – I’m not sure what changed.

          We will continue to look into this, and I hope others will report their findings as well!

  • Hussein

    I don’t know why but it doesn’t work for me

    • What device and software are you using? Can you describe what’s happening when you try to install?

      • Joshua

        It say try again later

  • Miguel

    Doesn’t work for me either It says to install I click it but then nothing happens

    • I just verified that this method is still working on my iPhone 5s. What device are you using?

      It seems some people are having success but others aren’t so I’m trying to pinpoint the issue.

      • Haigaz Alahverdian

        mine wont work eathier, im using iphone 6

      • xL9Px

        I’m using an iPhone 6 plus it’ll start installing then at the end it’ll say it couldn’t be installed at this time

        • Euris Jaquez

          That’s what happens to me

          • Herman the Jew

            Me too

          • Cali3k

            Mine won’t even download. I click instal and it doesn’t even show up amoungst my apps. Ip6 8.1

        • Mike

          Same here

        • sarah mohamed

          me to i need help with that

      • Richard

        Same here with my iPad. I’m running on 8.1

        • Bob Joe

          someone help!! ipad isnt downloading

  • Charlie

    This works for me, but it’s unusually slow

  • Dave

    This app works for me but always takes me to the App Store and Also doesn’t download or let me watch the full movie help.?

    • The app has ads running at the bottom of the screen. Maybe you’re tapping those by accident?

  • Toby

    When I click install nothing happens help!

    • Are you running iOS 8.1? What device are you using?

  • F47

    Didn’t wrk for me…

  • richard

    Doesn’t work on my iPad? It’s says instal and then nothing happens.

    • The icon should appear on your homescreen after you tap “Install.” It didn’t appear at all?

      • Kimberly Dominguez

        I’m trying on an iPhone 5s running on iOS 8.1 and it doesn’t work. When I tap install it stays on safari and the app doesn’t apprsr on the home screen as downloading.

      • Richard

        No doesn’t appear. I have a iPad Air

  • Gert

    It keeps opening ads to the AppStore cAn you fix that ?

    • The app has ads at the bottom of the screen, so you may be tapping those by accident.

  • ShawnTXDFW

    Doesn’t work for me either. Seems some people are having success while others aren’t and no one seems to know why. I did the date trick as mentioned in a previous comment and still doesn’t work. Guess I’ll just have to J/B!

    • Yeah, it’s really weird. What device are you using?

      Jailbreaking is always an option!

      • ShawnTXDFW

        I have the iPhone 6+ I don’t mind J/B but if I can get around it by installing at least Moviebox and Musicbox without a J/B then I’ll be fine. That’s honestly all I would actually use right now. On a side note I have tried all builds by Pyger and none of them work. Popcorn (I think is an alternative) acted like it was going to work but that didn’t install properly. So who knows. I’m hoping someone can find a good answer other than just J/B.

  • SuperZing

    I have iOS 8.1 and try getting movie box the straightforward way. Didn’t work for me, then I change the date to sep1 it work perfectly.

  • MBD

    Have a 5s and cannot download the app keeps saying
    Cannot download at this time. I am on 8.1

    • Damon

      Will it ever resolve

  • Heather

    Not working on my ipad

  • LisetteA

    Does not work on iPad mini running 8.1 – please help!

  • May Myat Noe

    Somebody help! It work on my iOS 8.1 but, one of the advertisement app show below, it’s directly connect to App Store automatically, every single time happen like this, so couldn’t use my movie box, the name of the advertisement is “Connet”. Is there any way to fix this?

  • paul

    my iPad mini on 8.1 doesn’t work either and doesn’t work on my iPhone 5s running 8.1 either tried the date trick too and nothing

  • Jack

    Have iphone 5S using iOS 8.1 (or whatever the most up to date version is) and it was not working. The web link above worked and was going fine and my phone ran out of battery. After turning the phone back on the app did not work. Have tried turning date back and forth and deleting and installing Again but it’s not having any of it?

  • Dickendonuts

    Mine iphone says its innstalling but it wont finish and it says

    Movie box cant be innstalled right now, try later

    So i waiteded a day and the same thing happend
    Please help

  • kice masni

    for me it say movie can not be installed at this time?!

    • Steph

      This app is suddenly not working on my iPad and will not reinstall again. Please let us know asap if the app developers get around this. Many thanks

    • Derick

      Same with me but it was working yesterday

  • kice masni

    for me it say movie can not be installed at this time?!

  • Steph

    This app is suddenly not working on my iPad and will not reinstall again. Please let us know asap if the app developers get around this. Many thanks

  • Eric

    Doesnt work. Running 8.1 on iPhone 6

  • Robert

    Not working on ipad with ios 8.1
    Ive tried changing date also, nothing happens.

  • Robert

    Not working on ipad with ios 8.1
    Ive tried changing date also, nothing happens.

  • TheQw3rtyCon

    Doesn’t work, I have iOS 8.1.1 with iPad Mini

  • Nick

    Im on my iPad 4 on iOS 8 and after I click instal, it’s just not there. Any ideas?

  • Jenn

    I’m using iPad 2 and it didn’t work.

  • Zac

    I have an iPad air 64gb on iOS 8.1, app looks like it’s working but when it gets to the end it says movie box is unable to download, please try again later. Does not work with date on Sep 1 2014 or on normal time 🙁 help

  • It seems like iPad users are the biggest group having issues with this method. Will get my hands on an iPad and report back.

  • PJH

    Tried to download on iPhone 6 8.1 won’t work… Plz tell me what to do!!!

  • Mystery

    I’m using an iPhone 6 iOS 8.1 and it was saying cannot download at this time, and after a few tries it stopped downloading at all and wouldn’t show me the buffering app icon. So now nothing happens

  • Tony

    Mine was working fine, but after a shut down on my iPad 2 and iPhone 4s it stopped working and won’t install

  • Flip Mode

    I’m done with this moviebox crap I’m going to android they have app that r more reliable

  • retrobangs

    I have tried this method on both my ipad 4th gen and my iphone 5s – both updated to the latest ios and neither of which have worked.

  • MB Jorge

    I have an ipad air ios 8.0.2 moviebox keeps crashing when i want to,install
    I fix it with changing the date to 1 sept 2014 and after that the link to install the latest moviebox I thougt it was really strange because normally you would not have to change the date. After changing the date and using the the link everything works again.

  • Panda020512

    Not working again this morning !

  • Panda020512

    I have a 5 , i reinstalled two days ago and it worked fine now this morning it’s down again

  • Marise May

    I also have an i- pad ios 8.1.1…. If i press on the moviebox app its quickly gives a black page

  • HillyBoy

    I have an iPad mini on iOS 8.1.1 and when I download, it says can not download at this time? Help!

  • Iphoner

    Mines cant even open the page 🙁 im on a 5s IOS8.1

  • Steve C

    Hi trying to reinstall on my iPad 3 but still getting unable to download try later

  • Mz Accurate

    It’s not working on mine either. I’m using an iOS 8.1.1 and it keeps saying unable to download after it has finished loading : (

  • Mz Accurate

    Mine isn’t working either. Mine is iOS 8.1.1 and it keeps saying unable to download app after it has finished loading. Please help!!! : (

  • PlatanoZo

    Hey, iPad 8.1 won’t download the app. Says cannot download at this time. Anyone figure this out yet

  • Mac

    Cannot download on iOS 8.1.1. Message states try later. IPAD4

  • xL9Px

    I tried doing this it’ll show the app and start installing and once it reaches the end it tells me that it could not be installed at this time smh

    • Yeah, that’s what I’m getting at this point too. It’s weird, because this was working perfectly just two days ago.

  • Jordan

    iPad 2 downloads but says could not be installed at this time is there another way to get it on your device from a computer and download films faster

  • Moe

    Same here , says unable to download….. 🙁

  • John

    I downloaded it and it worked but the other day my phone ran out of charge and turned off, I charged it and when I tap the app “movie box” it keeps crashing so I deleted it of my home screen and then I tried to download it again and it won’t install I have an iPhone 5 running on iOS 8.1.1 please help

  • Daniel

    8.1.1 killed Moviebox on my 6+. Will check my iPad Air 1 later. Not looking good.

  • Bobbie Thompson

    Did not work for me either. Also tried the date change still did not work on iPhone 6

  • Captian

    No go for iPad 2

  • Captian

    iOS 8.1.1

  • Bigby

    This one is still working on my device while the newest one isn’t.
    Found the link on some forum, even though it’s an old one.

    • JPB

      This one worked for me as well. It is an older one. Tells me there is an update inside the app but it won’t update. But at least I have moviebox again on a nonjailbreak

    • JPB

      This one worked for me as well. It is an older one. Tells me there is an update inside the app but it won’t update. But at least I have moviebox again on a nonjailbreak

    • brejyo

      This option worked! None of the newer links seem to function. We’ll see how long the app works this time. I managed to successfully install the newest version but it stopped working after 1 day.

    • Eternal

      OMG. It works. Been trying every link looking for this. Unfortunately, this isn’t the updated one but It will suffice. Wonder when the updated one will work…….

    • Bull

      Yes this link works although it is the old moviebox but I don’t care I have it now

    • Bull just click the green button… Try this link it’s the new moviebox

      • Micron

        Works fine for me, thanks for the link.

      • Fnazri

        I just tried ur link and it works. Thank a lot u made my day ;D

      • Thanks!

        • Dominic Di Dolci

          Plz help I have 5.s with 8.1

          • Liam James Cullen
          • James Salter

            Thank you it working now

          • William

            This link should work even on is 8.11.

          • Tim

            It dowloaded but it won’t olay any movies or tv shows it just give me the loading wheel the whole time

          • Ariel

            Same here not showing download or watch button?

          • Alexia Richards

            18 minutes ago. Newest version, but i have no clue what the password is 🙁

          • Alexia Richards
          • Megan Walsh

            Try mb31

        • Clint

          Hey what should I do if mine isn’t downloading for ios8.1.1 on 5s. When are they gonna update it so it can work on that iOS

      • Kianna

        It’s dosent work for me, it installs then says it couldn’t be installed… please help

        • Jc


          • socrates castillo

            do you gays know how to install oh mack book

          • peka

            works totally fine …..thanks

        • Bull
          • Jc

            Thanks bull!!!! It worked appreciate it man

          • Ayman

            I can not install the movie box it says all the time movie box can not install try again

          • Nafisssss

            the same’s happening with me,
            Did you get any solution later on?

          • Citro19

            Thanks Bull. Your version works.

          • Hamsa Wais

            What is the password

          • Citro19

            Sorry, mine did not require a password. However, you can try (mb31) as the password as per given below this thread.

          • Ayman


          • Fhhcdhfg


          • laylah

            1234 is the password

          • BMK

            I install movie box once n deleted by mistake I’m trying to install nw but i can’ can I fix this?

          • Citro19

            You can try this new version.

          • Frankie

            Hey, What’s the password? It’s asking for a password. Can’t download it. Help please.

          • Treyvon


          • Frankie


          • batman123

            do you know the password for this

          • Christopher

            It’s 1234

          • maniduhhh

            It now asks for a password

          • Ken

            The password for is (mb31) but the same no issue is happening for me with the no watch now or download

          • Isaac

            Try mb31 for the password spread the word too

          • Christmas

            I think the passcode is moviebox

          • Megan Walsh

            What’s the password

          • preston

            Says it can’t install at this time

          • Db

            What is the most recent link that works? I tried pgyer one that won’t install.

        • Tim Galloway
        • Ysdjdhfcbhxv

          Just change your date to September 12 2014

        • MelissaJ

          found an awesome way to watch FREE movies and tv shows on any iOS device, Android device, PC, Mac, XBox or Playstation. I already watched some new movies like Focus, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jupiter Ascending, American Sniper, The Boy Next Door, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay,, The Imitation Game and The Interview on my iPhone 6 and Apple TV from

      • Flip Mode

        It not update it keep saying oop update is corrupted

      • Flip Mode

        Need help fixing this

      • Yohansenfleeboy

        Thank u man. I had movie box but it glitched so I deleted it and I didn’t work. After like 50 links yours work. Thanks

      • Kat

        I have iOS 8.1.2 on my iPad and Movie box crashed and I tried every link to restore it and I even deleted the app and tried to download it again but it says it can’t be downloaded. Any tips?

        • Carlee

          Mine is doing the exact same too.

          • Krissy

            Same here

          • Sly

            Any luck yet?

          • RedEye Ben

            set the date to before august 1st 2014

        • Kat

          Has anyone had any luck with movie box on ios 8.1.2? I have tried links provided on youtube and one supposedly updated on the 8th of this month but that did not help. I still cannot install the app..

          • Jodee

            I’m Having the same issue, apparently if you restarted your device no links work anymore so I’m also SOL!

          • Robbie

            Did hou receive an answer yet

        • Vincent Blake-jr

          I have the same problem on my Ipad it crashed and can’t be downloaded please help

      • Patkhan

        I had the app and deleted by mistake, but when I reinstalled it, it says could not download at this time. I’ve tried all the links on this page and in the comments and none of them have worked. Am I missing a step here?

      • Igor Para

        It’s not working for me
        I have the 6plus
        I tried with password and with out , all of them said can not download at this time
        Help pls

    • Wacky

      The link you put up won’t download on my device either

      • soul

        It’s saying as of 01/22/2015 the link won’t work For non jail broken devices and to wait for the update

        • Kat

          It’s been nearly a month since then. Is there any updates yet for Moviebox on iOS 8.1.2? Ones that work? I’m still without it.

    • MelissaJ is the best link

  • Frank

    I have 4S I phone. I can’t download moviebox on my iOS8.1.1 APP. Is there a fix for it?

  • Sa9316

    Stopped working on iOS 8.1.1

  • Dylan

    Downloaded it 2 days ago and it worked great, then Yesterday I restarted my iPad and it broke movie box I tried to download it again and it gave me the error message unable to download right now try later. I have an iPad 4th gen. Thanks please try to fix it soon.

  • Filippas Stavrou
  • Kat

    I have the movie box app on an iPad 4 16 GB and the app crashed a bit ago and when I try to open it, it just imediately closes. I did not jailbreak the iPad to get it. It has ios 8.1.1 as the current operating system. Any ideas why this is happening?

    • Bigby

      Nobody knows for now, waiting for the fix.
      you should try out this one
      Until it’s fixed.

      • Kat

        I tried the old version and it downloaded but it won’t stream anything. It just does the whole loading thing after I choose a movie and quality. I’m guessing it’s because I just updated to ios 8.1.1

        • Bigby

          It works on my iPhone 4s 8.1.1

      • Vibe

        Yea this link works on the iPhone 6 Plus just keeps asking for to update

  • Derrick

    It used to work on my iPad with iOS 8.1 but it stoped working this afternoon and when I try to download it again, it says it cannot be downloaded at this time

  • Stankins

    I’m using iOS 8.1.1 iPhone 6+, and app will not install, help?

  • Elsy Subervi Martinez

    I Have An IPhone 5s OS 8.1.1…At the begging it was working perfectly then when I updated the OS 8.1.1 The MovieBox App didn’t want to open again, so I deleted the App and Downloaded again but it doesn’t want to download anymore, I Think Is Because I Updated My OS 8.1.1 :'( Pleasee Help

  • Justin Okoli

    I successfully downloaded moviebox on IOS 8.1 but since I upgraded the software to 8.1.1 the moviebox stopped working. Please any quick fix on this because I love the apps

  • Richard S.

    Maybe iOS 8.1.1 has patched this up

  • Movie

    I still have 8.1, but it keeps saying can’t install at the end, then I found the old version and it installed fine.

    • JPB

      This one also worked for me. It’s a better version (3.0 vs 2.5) than the one above that also worked for me.

    • Citro19

      Hi Movie, of all the threads, yours is the only one that works for me. I am on ios 8.1 and trying to download the newest version of Movie Box without the date change does not work. With your URL to the older version of Movie Box (requires date change) and it works. Thanks.

  • Movie

    Glad that it works for you. It works for me without date change. The only drawback of the old version is that I don’t have subtitle.

  • Jake I am on iOS 8.1.1, the version that came out yesterday (I think 8.1.1 came out November 17th 2014) anywho I was just messing around to see if I could get it to install once I updated the iOS on my new Iphone 6+, 8.1 was a little buggy for me, and it installed first try no problems and I am watching movies better than any other version I have ever used and it runs WAY faster than the one on my iPad with 8.1 that freezes a lot and does not buffer even with a smoking hot fiber connection, thinking about updating my iPad ios and trying this version there but I don’t want to lose it off my iPad all together, anyone else have any success on the new iOS and movie box or only me…..?

    • Jason

      Worked for me! Just no movies will DL. Currently on 8.1.1 5s 64g

    • Crystal g

      Only u

  • Marc

    iPhone 6 8.1 can’t download

  • John

    I looked up and saw that moviebox 3.1 beta 6 was a big file as 8,4 Mb while version 3.1 beta 11 has only 3,4Mb. Does it matter about the size of files? I am looking forward to your response. Peace.

  • Bigby

    Hi again!
    I’ve updated my iPhone 4s up to 8.1.1 and wanted to try if the old version will work. Well, it does, the link I gave before.

    • Bigby

      And the new ones don’t work as well (

  • Filippas Stavrou


  • Mikex777

    Have 4s and updatated it and the movie box now won’t your, I have read a lot of ppl comments and when I try to go the the pages they left, says server down, hopefully just working on it, if you can help in anyway thank you


    Thank you so much Bigby it works and just as good as the newer version we most likely all had just an older looking format and the update prompt but seems pretty good to me thanks a lot

  • Carl
  • Sam

    I had MovieBox installed until it stopped working today, it would just crash. My brother told me to close the app then change the date to Sept 1, it didn’t work for me but it did work for him, and we both have an iPhone 5 running on IOS8. I deleted the app and now NO link that I try i working. It gives me the “INSTALL” option but when I go to my homepage the app doesn’t show or load. PLEASE HELP!!! 🙁

  • Justin Okoli

    Guys I just tried this link which I got from Youtube and its working for me. The Good news is… It’s the new Moviebox and click the Green button… Enjoy

  • Justin Okoli

    Guys click on this link and you will get the new moviebox and then click on the green button This link is working on my device

  • Dave

    Nope won’t work for me now, even on ios7xx

  • Mike

    Justin, it works in iOS 8.1.1 thank you

  • Gq

    It won’t work on my mini iPad please help on other ways. Thanx

  • Gq

    Tryed the cchi one is the old version but at this point is ok. It works

  • Jolz

    Hey just managed to down load the older version in link below, it keeps coming up with “new update available” and whether I click update or camel it keeps taking me to App Store!

    Is that normal?

    Thanks in advance

    • Bigby

      Some times it does on my iPad to, so I just went to restrictions and switched off installing apps, it stopped.

  • Jonnieboy

    Still not working for me on iPad or iPhone 5s with iOS 8.1… Get same message unable to download but gets frustratingly close

  • B

    It worked with your link! Thanks!

  • Bambi

    Most updated moviebox

  • We’ve updated this tutorial with a new link that is confirmed working today (11/19/14), along with some alternatives. Thanks everyone for your input!

  • Male
  • Bigby

    As for me, works only the old one. Decided to risk and instal the iOS update on my iPad and then try it again.

  • common sense ✔️

    Ughh please help, a while ago I started using movie box and I would do the change the time thing and it would work fine, but now when I click the green button it says “this app would like to install” and then I click install but the window wont show up at all.

    • Hey there – when you click install, the app icon should appear on your homescreen as it’s installing. That isn’t happening for you?

      • Bigby

        The same problem now, when I click nothing happens besides button this app would like to install. Only the old one worked (

      • Bigby

        The same problem now, when I click nothing happens besides button this app would like to install. Only the old one worked (

      • common sense ✔️

        Hello, that’s correct. No icon shows up, before it would always show up, now all I can do is hope the damn thing will show up once I click the install option. Reason why I said always, was because I would always delete the app and reinstall it once it crashed on me, that happened to me many times but I was always successful installing it back again by changing the date, then the window would appear but it would tell me it couldn’t be downloaded at the moment, like many of you experienced. I’m using a mini ipad ios 8.1.

  • Sam

    It doesn’t downloaded with me in my screen what’s wrong

  • Soraya

    Brad I have a question. I know with android users they have show box which my BF has which we can stream it to the TV with chrome cast using the shoe box app. Is there a way I can do the same using movie box? Is there a way I can stream in to my TV by using the app and the chromecast? I would love to be abLe to watch this on my TV instead of my phone & iPad.

    • Hey there. Unfortunately Movie Box doesn’t support Chromecast at this point… That’s definitely something I’d like to see as well. It does support Apple TV, however.

      I imagine Movie Box will eventually support Chromecast, because that’s a natural next step.

      • Soraya

        I had a feeling that was going to be the answer. I have to see what the Apple TV cost to see if it would be worth it. But thank you again for your help

      • sarah mohamed

        can you help me because everytime i try to install movie box it says that movie box can’t be installed right now PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME

      • Soraya

        I have another question for you Brad. Silly, but how to you get it to stream to Apple TV?

        • Swipe up from the bottom to open the control center, tap AirPlay, and select Apple TV.

      • Bigby

        Hi Guys! Great news! I have managed to install the mociebox app after a loooong time. First of all, I’ve decided to restore my iPhone 4S from a copy I made a few minutes ago. THen, I don’t know how, but i could install all three versions of the app from this site:

        And it is working, but, on my iPhone. I’ve tryied the trick with my iPad but it didn’t help, so I wanted to try another way. I used a program iTools, which is similar to iTunes, but has some more features. I connected iphone to the pc and then open applications and backed up the app from the iphone to the computer and after that I installed it using app on my ipad and now I’m watching movies again.

        Before app couldn’t even begin to install.

        This is a link where you can find the program and the IPA file with the moviebox app, first of all install iTools and then connect you iDevice and go to applications and then install and choose an app file from where you saved it.

    • Hey there. Unfortunately Movie Box doesn’t support Chromecast at this point… That’s definitely something I’d like to see as well. It does support Apple TV, however.

      I imagine Movie Box will eventually support Chromecast, because that’s a natural next step.

  • HR

    None of the above links are working on my iphone 5 with ios 8.1.1

  • Ap

    IT workshop thnks. How do I get dutch subtitles?

  • GBQ

    latest moviebox for ios 8.1.1

  • Gsligga

    you can get rid of ads by not allowing the app to use your location

  • slingjob

    ipad 4 8.1.1 and iphone 6 8.1.1 i can’t get any of the links to work. they all start to download then say unable to download at this time.

  • GervTini

    Not working for me as of today…
    Running iOS 8.1.1 on iPhone 5S

    • GervTini

      BTW, tried all the links above

      • Slingjob

        Does it say the same thing unable to download at this time?

  • Josh

    Literally nothing works

  • Lewis

    Well I’m stuck, all the links worked for me, but the app stops opening a day later, no matter which version. Then if I delete and re-download I get the cannot download error. IPad mini 2, 8.1.1

  • sarah mohamed

    i have a question every time i try to install movie box its says sorry movie box cannot be installed at this time can someone please help me with this problem

  • Vanbe25

    I tried it on my ipad4 and didn’t work.

  • Josh

    None of the versions work on my ipad3. I have 8.1.1 installed 10 mins ago. I keep getting a message “unable to download app. Movie box could not be downloaded at this time”. However the application installs. When I click to execute, it reinstalls then that stupid message pops up again

  • Mebla

    Tried all the links still not working NO MOVIE BOXS

  • Mebla

    Please show me how to get movie box pls

  • kianna

    none of the links are working for me 🙁

  • Papito

    I have tried several times to install movie box on my ipad that is running iOS 8.1, but the movie box app will not install no matter what I try. Is their any wall I can install movie box without having to jailbreak the ipad.

  • Od

    None of them work for me after the new update today 🙁

    • Saphire

      What new update?

  • Cmed7

    I tried downloading but it says unable to download.. Or it can’t be downloaded at this time.. What do I do?

  • Jc

    I have iOS 8.1 and none of these links are working

  • Jc

    I have ios 8.1 and I was using the link that was like pgyer movie box 32 and it worked fine until today it wouldn’t open the app… So I delete it and tried to install it and it won’t install… None of the other links r working either…. HELPPPP

  • Krissy

    So none of these are working! Frusterating I had to turn my phone off and on and had to delete movie box n re download… However there was a pyger link with a moviebox download in a different language but of course when I opened the app it was English I can’t find that help!

    • Krissy

      Okay disreguard I finally found it by bull posting it recently unfortunately now that moviebox won’t work either… Yay

  • Paco Montano

    I have an iphone 6 with ios 8.1.1 i’ve tried every link and the result happens it loads it trys installing it then it says unable to install app

    • Anthony

      I have a 5s with iOS 8.1 and I’ve tried every single link that’s been on the comments, and in the article. None seem to work.

      I need this app back, I must carry on binge watching my shows, please help me!

  • Dominic Di Dolci

    Ughhhh none of these links work, I have a 5.s with 8.1 plz help I’m a big fan, when I say this update I was so happy but it won’t work it just say retry after it stops downloading plz help

  • Anthony

    I have a 5s with iOS 8.1 and I’ve tried every single link that’s been on the comments, and in the article. None seem to work.

    I need this app back, I must carry on binge watching my shows, please help me! (If I double posted I apologize)

  • Tonaaa

    Didnt work what kann i make

  • Angelica

    Help I tried download all its not work before work now not anymore

  • Bigby

    Yep, now nothing works (

  • Filippas Stavrou

    Yesterday got a character I found something on the ground if you do not play shoot here I get the old plays and not let anything give someone a link please

  • Saburoxas

    I’m using an iPod 4 and ever since I updated it to the iOS 8.1 my older movie box kept crashing and now the new one won’t even download. It keeps saying unable to download at this time when it supposedly finishes downloading

  • Noblegreenbeast

    It worked for me yesterday, but today my phonebattery died and now i cant open it and cannot reinstall it…

  • Ames

    All of them stopped working smh.. I have a iPhone 5s ios8.1

  • Wendie

    Hey everyone,

    I’ve tried all the links provided and in the order recommended. Since 8.1.1 update movie box would not open. I deleted and tried reinstalling and I come across either

    1.) unable to install at this time > done or retry?

    2.) the app stays “greyed out” no download wheel appears just the app in a faint almost transparent color.

    Please advise? Oh, and I’m probably the only person without a new iPhone. I have my trusty old 4s on 8.1.1 please help (:


  • Mishal

    Have iPhone 6 plus on iOS 8.1.1 anyone have a link to download it. Thanks

  • Johno

    Same, looks like it will install and then says it can’t …..

  • Chris

    The new link worked when you first posted it. I used it all day and by accident I deleted it. No big deal, went to download it again (that same day in the evening) and now it installs and then says it can’t be installed.

  • Frosty

    Please help. I have installed io8.1.1 on iPad and have now lost movie box. I have tried every link and can’t get it back!

  • Julian

    After trying all the links available i have found the one that works! I just used it and it finally works!

    • Bigby

      Didn’t work, the icon on the desktop didn’t even show up ( and for the same is for every link

  • Dominic Di Dolci

    Julian- your the best it works now thank you so much for sharing

  • Juancitolove

    I have the iPhone 6 with the new update and it won’t work. Either links ! Any help?

  • John

    Do any of them work for the iPhone 6 plus at this moment!?

  • Saphire

    Thanks Julian your link worked for me, iPhone 6 on 8.1, I just hope it works for more than a day. The newest link posted above only worked for a day, none of the other links would work for me either not even the 2.4 version.

  • jon

    It keeps saying i cant connect to the website once i click the green download button

  • NatKingCole891

    This new link won’t connect on my 5s and the other links load up and then say it can’t be installed the minute it’s dine installing

  • QuXi

    Nothing works on iPad 3.. iOS 8.1 .. when i click install app.. the App “Downloading” Just says: Waiting.. and docent become a real icon ..

  • Bryan

    For me every time I try to download it says unable to download how do I fix this problem

  • Liam James Cullen
    • Lewis

      This has solved my problem of the app only working for a day!

  • Jake

    Anyone got a link for 8.1.1?

  • Yuna

    When I press install it says it can’t connect to, please help

  • Buzz

    Bull, I downloaded it but my cousin deleted it, when I try redownloading it says it can’t connect so can u guys help me

  • Gunther

    My cousin, deleted it, and when I try redownloading it says it can’t connect to it so can u guys help me please?

  • Hannar

    Don’t know what I am doing wrong, but none of them work for me. I have iPad mini. When I click green button, it doesn’t go anywhere. What am I doing wrong?

  • Karlosval
  • Ember5

    I press the green button and as it loads to install it just stops, not even half way. An install button pops up and i press it but then nothing happens

  • Hi

    None of the links to download for iOS 8.1.1 are working the app won’t even appear on my screen and say it’s loading. Could someone please help?

  • Racks On Racksonracks

    Please help stopped working

  • bernd niessen

    Where can i find the downloaded movies on my iphone ( no jailbreak)


    • Lewis

      The ‘My Downloads’ tab.

  • H1234

    I’ve tried all the links posted and after I press install nothing happens. Using an iPad air on iOS 8.1.1. Please help. Thanks.

  • RoniRib

    Have tried all and does not seem to work on Ipad…

  • Roni

    Just noticed I have 8.1.1…may be the problem…any way to roll back?

  • Roni

    You MUST use Safari….got it to work…did not download using Chrome…

  • Flip Mode

    Now the old one not working smh need help

  • Hannah

    I have 8.1 and already have previously downloaded it then crashed. Trying to download it but none of the links are working for me! Help?!

  • dynadude

    great it works again thx

    • Racks On Racksonracks

      What site did you get it from

  • Shayne

    Old movie box is not working or what?some files cannot be it my phone or movie box?help.

  • Beverly Maul Schroeder

    I did the iOS update for my iPad air and now my Moviebox won’t open. I tried all the links below without success. Any suggestions?

    • Beverly Maul Schroeder

      Never mind. I found one that finally worked

      • Bigby

        Which one ?

  • E9NAM

    My one does not even download let alone install, please help!

  • Aziz

    Thanks alot buddy.

  • Movie

    It works for my iPad mini 2 on 8.1.1
    Use this link. No need to change date and time. I did turn off auto time zone and disable location.

  • F

    Hi.. It isn’t working.. Any idea how I can get it work?

  • MikeD

    Me as well I tried the link and after I hit install nothing happens. It does not download.

  • Tj

    Not working now keeps saying update data is corrupted. Any help

  • TreyMclovin

    I tried downloading moviebox on to my iPhone 5 with the iOS 8.1 with the first link in this article it would fully download but when the app opens up it says “opps update date corrupted ” multiple times I’ve even tried downloading again but then same thing happens. I also tried the other links but they don’t work what should I do ?

  • Victoriee Prairie

    i am getting a message that says…oops updates are can i fix this please?

  • Q

    Movie box wont open i have IOS 8.1 i had the Old version deleted it and wantend the new version but when i click the green button and tap Install it wont appear help me out please with a good link or when i can tale the good one That works or what i have 2 do

  • Bigby

    Hi Guys! Great news! I have managed to install the mociebox app after a loooong time. First of all, I’ve decided to restore my iPhone 4S from a copy I made a few minutes ago. THen, I don’t know how, but i could install all three versions of the app from this site:

    And it is working, but, on my iPhone. I’ve tryied the trick with my iPad but it didn’t help, so I wanted to try another way. I used a program iTools, which is similar to iTunes, but has some more features. I connected iphone to the pc and then open applications and backed up the app from the iphone to the computer and after that I installed it using app on my ipad and now I’m watching movies again.
    Before app couldn’t even begin to install.

    This is a link where you can find the program and the IPA file with the moviebox app, first of all install iTools and then connect you iDevice and go to applications and then install and choose an app file from where you saved it.

    • Bigby

      In addition, some photos as a proove.

  • Maribel

    Just upgrade my Iphone 5c to ios 8.1. Now I cant install again Movie box. I followed the steps, but nothing happened after I press Install in the pop up window. What can I do?

    • Bigby

      Try to do the same thing I did below. There is instruction.

  • Zimmster

    Nothing is working for me. I’m running 8.1.1

    Had issues all day downloading on my version then it wouldn’t open anymore

  • Snowboardstef

    i just downloaded the newest version yesterday and now when i try to open it it crashes right away. Any ideas of what i should do?

  • Jess

    None of these links are working for me? It starts to download, and then says the app cannot be installed

  • Jose

    I have an IPad 2. I just updated to IOS 8.1.1 and now it isn’t working. I tried almost all the links and none of them work. It tells me it is unable to install at this time. Help?

  • Citro19

    The old version does not worn anymore. The link with cchi at the end is also not working

  • ozzy

    They all say unable to install

  • Sami

    Doesn’t work for me anymore. I installed it on brand new ipad running iOS 8.1.1 using the link below and it was working fine for the last three days and today when I tried openning the app, it failed to open and quite immidiately. I rebooted the device and tried re-opening the app but still no luck. So I deleted the app and tried to re-install it while setting the date back to Auguest 1st as before, but it keeps saying “Move Box” cannot be installed at this time. Retry. Any idea?

    • Joel

      I just tried your link with current date and it works

  • Gabriel

    I tried to install on my ip6+ with ios 8.1.1 and it did not work. Any news of when this will be available?

  • Tiffany

    I’ve tried all the links and none of them work for me. I hv an iPad mini 8.1.1

  • Jennifer Gough

    The movie box app was working fine then all of a sudden it wouldn’t open so I deleted it then tried to reinstall. Now I keep getting an error message when it tries to install. “Cannot install try later”

  • Slicer

    Running Ipad Air 64 gig with 8.1.1 and nothing happens with ANY of the links used above and below. Bummer.

  • Joel

    I don’t know how Apple manages to keep posting this shit but it’s getting annoying none of the links work rug right now. Movie box needs to release a legit update.

  • Ed

    Hi, I press the green button and click confirm but then nothing downloads… Please help me…

  • Andrey

    I hope there isn’t a limit to how many things we can watch

  • Mushroomhair

    I have tried all of the links and it doesn’t work

  • rpslohi

    i have tried all these links but after clicking the green button and then install nothing appears on my screen when i press home button as if it does in videos on youtube. Have Iphone 6 running ios 8.1

  • Bedrah

    Just jailbreak it takes 5 mins.

  • Moe

    Hi guys my movie box that I installed from the worked fine for a few weeks but now opens and then closes.
    Any fixes it triedputting in to flight mode and then opening but still crashes when opening.??

  • Genie

    After install, no moviebox icon. Tried date change to sept 1, install, nothing. Is moviebox installed but I can’t find icon? Help!

  • Jimerayyan

    Thank Bull. Work for me 8.1.1

  • Mario Medhat

    It says couldn’t install at this time, anyone one know how to fix that

  • Anon

    I have downloaded moviebox just fine, but when I tap on a movie, it just loads for a long time and after that there is no download button or anything, only the poster. I am using iphone 6 +. Any ideas?

  • Jopick

    I am using a iPhone 4s updated to 8.1. Had moviebox on it worked fine until I need to charge my phone been trying to reinstall app off pgyer site. Tryed all links get the same thing the option comes up to install then nothing happens

  • Nat

    The Ipothman link works but it doesn’t have any of the other movies that the other links do and I was kinda confused when I saw that

  • Juan

    Was there a recent update on this cause it won’t show the play or download button anymore

  • JuceeV

    Downloaded movie box, was working fine earlier today, now it says no videos posted yet….what happened?

  • Aaron Roberts

    @moviebox_help on Twitter has updates on Moviebox being down. Seems there are some server issues. Hopefully it will be back up soon.

  • Osie

    Password pleas?

  • Kirill Savon

    The new one just stopped working on mines.

  • Help

    So it movie of downloads and opens but none of the videos load, and the updates are from October 14

  • Help

    Movie box downloads fine and the app opens however, none of the videos load and updates are from October

  • Pops

    Tried loading moviebox today and is Asking for a password. Can anyone plz help!

  • Twon

    Dis sum bs… I’m going back to droid

  • Sara

    Mine keep saying “there are no videos yet” helpp please


    I’m up and running there was an update of some sort looks a little different the player is yellow now anyone else with new info

    • Camille

      which link you used?

  • phoebe

    Ive managed to download it , but when i click on a movie or series it takes forever to load and says theres no videos to watch?

  • Malcome

    Can you do an updated link for music box iOS8.1 please.

  • don

    I have ios 8.1.2. The app downloads. plays or downloads tv shows or movies briefly then displays white screen. any ideas

  • Jo

    Hi don’t know if anyone can help I’ve had to re install movie box after updating my phone it works as before apart from the fact there used to be a icon I could tap which streamed it to my Apple TV box which doesn’t seem to be there anymore! Has this function gone or is there a way I am missing? Thanks

  • Denbow

    I have iOS 8.1.2 and absolutely nothing works. Please help!

  • Sckrap119

    I deleted the app cause it wasn’t playing any movies, now when I press ‘install’ it doesn’t download :/ what now?

    • Dominic Di Dolci

      Did you fix it

      • Sckrap119


  • Sckrap119

    I Cant re download The app :/ what now?

  • Frank

    The instal wont work, i get the Message box with instal. Then i push the instal button but nothing happens.
    This is on a iPad air recently updated to 8.1.2
    For the iPad updated i had to delete the moviebox app….. Can some one help??

  • Dominic Di Dolci

    If I dowload a movie with turbo mode, what happens next do I own the movie like what’s the point

  • Sckrap119

    I wish I can screen shot it and send it to you. It’s just WONT download, I tried it on my GF Iphone 5s and it went through perfect. I tried AGAIN with my iPhone 6 and no go

  • Lauren Glenn

    Can someone tell me why none of these are working on 8.1.2?

    • Ben

      Worked for me yesterday in this version of OS. But tried today for my Dads ipad using the same version of OS, the same as you and today it wont install. I wish all these streaming programs worked 100% of the time.

      • Lauren Glenn

        I ended up just jail breaking my phone again and downloading the 2.8 version. It works that way. No idea why the newer one won’t.

  • Songim Heng

    Can be on iOS 8.1.2 or not?

  • Ben

    Hi Guys, Great job with the blog on this app, good to see the community is active and willing to share and help others.

    I downloaded the latest version of moviebox last night ( It was the third version of the app i had downloaded in the last day but it was the first time the app worked for me and i thought i had finally done it! Tried again this morning and back to “Video Not Available….why?” 🙁

    I streamed a movie perfectly using moviebox last night without a VPN, tried same movie this morning and get the “Video Not Available….why?” message. I get this for all of them now. I really want this app to work for me but having to use a vpn just isnt practical. We have a 20mb line but when through a vpn our speeds are killed and not good enough for streaming or even loading the movies properly.

    Im in the UK at the moment but will soon be returning to Thailand and this app could be perfect for me and my friends. Unfortunately as with most of these streaming apps or programs its just not consistent enough to rely on, not for me anyway.

    Has anyone got any idea of the best way to get this app working consistently without jailbreak and without VPN’s?

    Nothing has changed for me since last night. Same internet speed and provider. Last night works perfectly and today doesnt work at all. Any tips or advice is welcome guys.


    • Ben

      Seems that its just as bit hit and miss for me. After trying again shortly after it didnt work today, it suddenly did start working again 🙂

      Im trying to put on my dads ipad now but having different problems. Im using the same link that worked for me, the link ending in /mb31

      Entered the password again and started downloading the app but it gets 3/4 of the way and says it cant be installed right now try and later.

      Whats the deal, has the version i used become no good already? Why can i download on my ipad and not my dads. We are both running the same version of OS so not sure why he cant install and i could?

      Any ideas?

      Thanks Guys

  • Nat

    Is it normal for the movie to take so long to load?

    • It’s pretty slow when you stream movies right away. I’ve had a much better experience downloading in advance and then watching later.

  • Ayyy

    You need a password.. What is it??

  • Mike

    Password is mb31
    It Will work, succes !

  • Erin

    I cannot get movie box to download

  • Erin

    Mb31 does not work as a password

    • Mike

      First remote the old one then download and install the new version (moviebox31) and use password “mb31”

      • Mike

        Sorry, remove

  • Judy

    I tried them all and none work 🙁

  • Melo

    It was working even after I updated to the 8.1.2 now after a few days it won’t even open. Had to download an older version that works. But I keep getting that annoying message that theirs an update available. Please fix so that the new version works with the new iOS update. Thanks.

  • JE

    EXCELLENTLY! Just purchased an iPad Mini (2012) from QVC. It works!!!!

  • Hey

    Mine won’t work with the link plsssss help

  • Hey

    Never mind I deleted it then installed it again and it’s working I’m so happy

  • Joceline Alvarez

    A box keeps popping up when it almost done downloading and it say can’t download at this time help me!!!!

  • Advasquez

    I had uninstalled it. And now I cannot re install it. Please help!!!

  • Advasquez

    I’m also using new software 8.1.2 and it’s not downloading none of the links that were posted. Anyone help!!

  • Anica

    hey,guys! is this app works on Apple computers?

  • Jedi

    Works for me!! 🙂 thanks

  • Anonymous

    Thanks. Great article!

  • Aud

    The app doesn’t work anymore 🙁

  • Iiwik

    The one from is force closing on me. It worked for three days, but now it won’t stay open long enough for me to touch anything. What do I do?

  • Lebronson

    How long does it take to download? I’ve done everything that it says but after I hit install pop up it doesn’t do anything after that

  • Jlawbae

    When I install it, it doesn’t show up on my home screen. What do I do ?

    • Felix

      find anything out yet?

  • Mimi

    It downloaded for me perfectly fine then when I click on it, it just goes black and then exits back to the home screen. I deleted it and now when I go to download it again it doesn’t even come up on my home screen it doesn’t say fail it doesn’t pop up at all please help ASAP I love this app

  • Angelica Medina

    I used to have the app but I did the upgrade to the iOS 8.1.2 and forgot I was supposed to and the app didn’t open so I delete it and I try all these links and nothing happens when I press install help me please !!!

  • Joseph

    This was working up until yesterday. Then from out of the blue the app started to crash and hasn’t worked at all ever since, so I uninstalled it and now when i try to install it it just says “Movie Box could not be installed at this time.” it doesn’t work on any of my devices, what should i do?

  • O.M

    Why is the web page you download from all in Arabic? Plus how do you know your not downloading extra parts of the app that people can hack into your phone / emails / access to internet banking / passwords and so on……….?

  • Kstyle214

    How do you turn the turbo on??

  • Ian

    There’s no sound

  • The boss

    Guys, i click on the greem button, then “install” bur nothing happend. What should i do? Im trying to download it on my iPad air 2 with IOS 8.1. If someone can help me with this problem?

  • Cj

    None of these work for me!

  • Cj

    I don’t know what I did differently but yeah, got it working. Switched off my location, set date to sept 1st 2014 and I’m a happy bunny again. Thanks guys!

    • Felix

      And which link did you use?

  • Steve

    Movie box will not download on my iPod anymore what should I do? Please help!!!

  • jonnyboy

    works awesome, thank you!

  • jonnyboy

    this link works perfect for the new ipad air 2 runnin ios 8.2 , was up and runnin in minutes, not a hitch whatsoever, for older devices, dont know what your experience is on them but mine is sheer delight!

  • Jay

    THANKS!!!! worked on my ipad air 2
    although its asking me to update to a new version should i do it? o do i stay with the old one??

    • Felix

      Jay I’ve heard you should not update it. Which link did you use

      • Jay

        ok! thank you
        I used

        • Felix

          No problem, did you do anything else like change the date? I keep hitting install but nothing happens.

          • Jay

            No, after I clicked install and put the password (mb31) a weird icon of the app appeared on the screen so I just waited and a few minutes later, the download appeared loading on the app icon. Try it again but this time when you see the icon on the ipad screen, wait until it loads. Hope it works for you!!.

          • Felix

            That’s the problem, no icon comes on the screen,I’m had it downloaded and it stopped working so I uninstalled to reinstall, and now this bs is happening 🙁

  • Felix

    Nothing Works for the ipad air, do you need a certain amount of Space?

  • Craig

    How to install MovieBox/ShowBox on Mac/Windows/Linux/iOS:

  • Jag

    Hi turbo mode doesn’t turn on, can you please help. Also is there anyway of getting rids of the ads?

  • Alexander Ventura

    When I install the app it doesn’t show in the screen

  • Alexander Ventura

    If it says can’t be downloaded at this time I think it means you need the iOS update

  • Alexander Ventura

    But my problem is when i press intall nothing happens

    • Felix

      Find anything??

      • Alexander Ventura


  • Grod

    What about for 8.1.2 I am having issues I hit install and nothing happens

    • Felix

      Find anything?

  • Yova

    Did download and install but does no open when I click on it.

  • angelbuff

    Can you stream the app to chrome cast? If so does anyone know how please and thanks

  • Daniel

    It says couldn’t download at this time. That happens when u need to Chang the date for the installation to proceed but I don’t know the date

  • rude

    why cannot open..what is username and password…please help me guys

  • rude

    why dont have a sound…

  • Zeiyd

    Its says on my device that this is not able to download

  • Cameron

    Some of the movies won’t load. Help please!!

  • Grace

    I downloaded it, but the Movies don’t load… Help?

  • John

    Turbo mode not working, using VPNFREE that’s fine also film will not stream on Apple TV, although some films do. Can you fix this bug?

  • Omar

    Works on my iPad (:

  • Blake

    Ive tried everything nothing works with 8.1.2. Not one link or changing the date works for installing. The old version worked downloading but wouldn’t install. Do I just delete and start over? Please help

  • Matt

    Hi there, thanks for the links, I was able to download show anytime but my iPhone won’t allow me to get movie box ? Any ideas ? Cheers

  • zsofibelieber741

    Please help I’m cliking on the green button but nothing happens what should I do it happens on all versions!!!! I really need moviebox

  • Yannairy

    It never going to work guys I have the app u guys have to put how to download movie box then something will pop up and look for movie box under movie box some Chinese words would be under there and it going to say install the app and download the app and it really works hope u guys find it

  • Zed

    Why does every TV show say no videos yet??

  • Felix

    IPad Air 8.1.2, installed Cartoon Box and Music Junkie from pgyer but moviebox doesn’t work, wtf is this?

  • Andrea

    How do I remove movie box?

  • CallofDuty-Playster

    How can I change the language, because I get now Chinese subtitles.. Please Help

  • Mike

    iOS 8.1.2 ? Use
    Password mb32
    For me it works, enjoy!

  • John

    when I’m on the moviebox it keeps going to William hill betting on the App Store, so i downloaded it seeing if it would make a difference and also launched the app and still goes to the App Store on William hill betting, please help

  • Ben

    It brings up the install popup but once I tap install then nothing happens. No blank app appears on the home screen or anything. What can I do to fix this?

  • pid

    down loaded but keeps opening the app store ! any advise ???? thanks

  • HT

    Thank you so much!

  • Caopoo

    I made a mistake and I push on don’t trust, no I can’t installbthe app what i can do??

  • daisy

    will this cause my phone to like get slow

  • Acater

    How do I put them on my computer to watch them?

  • Jenniferbo

    I was able to download the app on my iPad 4 with 8.1 but my ipad2 won’t even start the download. No Icon appears, no matter which link I try.

  • Shakira

    movie box doesnt show correct movies…for an eg. the NEW Annie movie poster with Jamie fox and african american child is up there but when you click on the link its the old annie movie with shirley temple!

  • Bryan1013

    I’ve pressed the green button but it won’t install?

  • Shira

    I need to write a password or something

  • arran

    Was working fine but now everytime autodirects to william hill in appstore everysingle time i open. Frustrating

  • Charlie

    Anyone get the problem where it downloads right till the end and then restarts?

  • Copain

    Can someone help me. When i press the green button and then i get a popup to trust the download and there it ends. Notting happend.
    Any tips?

    Greetz koen

  • Britta

    Unfortunately, none of the links work for me. I set the date to September 2014 as one recommended but also no success. Any suggestions? Did the links become invalid?

  • Dave

    I try to install and it keeps saying unable to install at this time what’s that all about

  • k1llub17ch


  • Peter

    It’s not downloading on my iPad mini. It has 1.8.2 and when it try’s too, it completes the little circle then it says it didn’t download. I don’t want to pay for Bobs Burgers. Help.

  • Jas

    It’s not working anymore

  • AC3

    None of these links work

  • Copain


    It doesnt want to start downloading. I need to trust the download and then it stops. I have ios 8.1

    Thx allot

  • Norm

    Jesus I have a iPhone 6plus and it only worked for a few days and it stopped I set the date September 16/2014 and I tried to download it again the same way but it keeps on saying unable to download so I tried all other ways but isn’t working can someone help me please

  • Katelyn

    None of them are working does anyone have an updated version

  • Norm

    Guy’s I just got a iPhone 6plus I manage to install this app but it only worked for a couple day’s and then it quit I have searched for many different ways to reinstall it but it just won’t download it keeps on saying unable to download someone please help me out please

  • Krissy

    Okay my iPad ios 8.1.2 won’t let movie box download this I’ve tried multiple date changes and links to download and still says unable to download at this time. i need the movie box back in my life help!

  • Krissy

    Okay I beleive the newest update listed above almost works- set date to sept1st2014 but after its almost finished it says unable to download at this time… Anyone else with this issue or have found any helpful tips I’ve been looking through forums but looks like I’m not the only one here having this issue. Please fix this issue movie box!

  • zjtom

    Always tells me “cannot connect to” help please.

  • eeazy

    There is a brand new build new build 3.2.1 (3). This was just released less than an hour ago. it should work.

    • Caroline

      What is the password?

      • Jay B


        • Caroline

          Got it runnin! Thank you!

  • Leonard

    I’ve downloaded several movies on my IPad taking days to do so and after downloading an ap to link iPad to tv now ap won’t open! How do I fix this problem?!?

  • Leonard

    By the way, I’ve deleted the new ap to stream movie to tv and still unable to open movie box…. I’d rather not uninstall & have to reinstall… Please provide some type of wishful instructions…. I took days downloading and the several gigs of downloaded movies are still appearing in my storage so I’m assuming ap hasn’t crashed… Perhaps a security block? Please inform….

    • eeazy

      There is a brand new build new build 3.2.1 (3). This was just released less than an hour ago. it should work

      This is been tested and working as of now. Just did multiple installations on iPhone 6 and ipad

      • Copain

        Whats the paswoord? 1234 doesnt work

      • Jay B

        Thank you very much this new release is now working :). I had the earlier version but it kept crashing and then when I deleted it would no longer install. Password for is mb32

      • Lbaez

        How did you install the application on your iPad?I cannot get it to show up on my homepage after I press install? Is it because my iPad has 8.1.2 worked fine on my iPhone 6&5s


    I’ve just downloaded the app using thanks to eeazy thanks a lot.

    • Caroline

      What is the password?

  • Donico Dondon Bygrave

    Not playing the videos

  • Laylonni

    Unable to download moviebox it keep saying unable to download at this time. I already updated my phone, and made space for the app. Please help someone

  • Mike
    • Caroline

      Thank you! It’s working again 🙂

  • Jimmy

    I have an iPhone 6. I click instal and my phone does nothing. Please help

  • Gaeje

    Any idea how i can put movie box on my macbook air please ?

  • Rico

    how do I play a movie with apple tv

  • Eddy

    I click install and nothing happens

  • Lbaez

    I can’t seem to load the app on my iPad. It works fine on my iPhone, but when I try to load it on the pad the app won’t show up on my homepage at all. anyone know why? Thanks!

  • Eddy

    I click Install the popup comes up and I click install again and after that nothing happens

    • Lbaez

      That’s what’s happening when I try to load it on my iPad nothings downloading on the homepage no app icon appears
      I don’t know what to tell you they work fine on my iPhone’s

  • Help needed

    Once I download it could I change the time again ?? Help anybody

  • mirs

    can i transfer movies from moviebox to pc?

  • #Rick115

    Evry time i click on the install button and then click on “install” at the pop-up. It just Wont install on my iPad , ive tried evrything , pleas help

  • Matnator

    I downloaded last week in my iPad an today I trying to view a movie ans the app doesn’t want to open. What can I do

  • Jumbo

    I can not down load it on my iPad mini iOS 8.1.2

  • Miya

    movie box has been working for me until today when I tried to open the app it kept force closing. Now that I’m trying to reinstall it will tell me “cannot connect to” or “cannot connect to” Please help!!

  • Person2123

    I’m trying to download this on my iPad air and I’m running iOS 8.1 not updated to 8.2 yet but moviebox is still not downloading.

  • Marcix3

    I have the latest one and its not working for me right now

  • John

    It is taking 3 days to download a movie and I have a 50mbs connection. Also can’t seem to find out how to turn on turbo mode.

  • Mirek

    Does anyone know if any of these versions will work on a Ipod 5.1.1 ?

  • Millie Owen

    For folks looking
    to unlock their AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-mobile phones, you can go take
    a look at Mobile Unlox, they can unlock any kind of AT&T, Verizon, Sprint
    or T-mobile devices up to date, even the most recent 6 and 6+.

  • amD

    Hey guys I had music box and movie box for a while the apps were down for whatever reason I manged to get movie box back however i delted music box and tried to reinstall the new update but every time I click install nothing appears in the home screen there should be the app in my home screen downloading instead nothing happens at all can someone please help me ?

  • TheCoolDude1230

    it worked for me I’m very happy I’m running iOS 8.1.2 Not jailbroken on Iphone 5s

  • Alex

    does anyone have problems with the sound?

  • Joan

    Hi, It won’t install, any suggestions?

  • Wazzo

    Do these links work for iOS 8.1.2 because I tryed them all and it says unable to download app …. Help plz

  • Rock

    I tried all the links and it is not downloading on iOS 8.1.2 someone please help

  • Umar

    It is not working for me, keep asking for retry

  • Kickster

    I have ios 8.1.2 do i need to wait for the new update on movie box ? Or is there a version that will work for me having the ios 8.1.2

  • Steven

    I get the install button push it and then when I check my home screen the app isn’t installed

  • T

    No links work, just says unable download tried all sorts

  • Dc2ep3

    I installed the app an worked just fine but then it wouldn’t open so I deleted it and now i cant install it again any body had the same problem or any body that can help

  • young

    the app won’t install on my phone. when i press install it does nothing.

  • Joshua

    No matter which one I click on it doesn’t want to install at all. Doesn’t show up on my iPhone

  • Nicholas

    Can’t open Mobiebox on my Ipad. Please help I don’t know the reason :/

  • Luis

    Try this one worked for me just now
    I too was having trouble it app wouldn’t load and returned to homepage but this should fix it!

  • Luis

    Only tried on the iPhone6 not sure about other devices good luck!

  • Colin

    None of the links work for me. I click the green button, then I hit install but it doesn’t even start doesn’t even show up on the screen. Please help

  • wedy

    only when i use subtitles I need a username and password….. !!!! can someone help me?

  • Stan

    What happens if you accidentally deleted the app and it doesn’t let you download it again

  • Stan

    Please help

  • Jodee

    All of these links don’t work for me anymore. It asks to install the app and when I hit install nothing changes. I know why now why mine stopped working because I did restarty phone. So does mean I can install any kind of app unless I do a factory reset? Please help!

    • Jodee


  • moprep

    if i download moviebox then he asks wil movie box instaleren but when in pres on instaleren then he does noting can somewan help me ?

  • Usapinay

    Please help! After accidentally deleting my moviebox it won’t load in my iphone 6 whenever I tried installing it.. What should I do??

  • Dante

    Deleted moviebox and cannot reinstall. I have tried EVERY link and nothing even happens after I click install. Somebody help please!

  • Lexi

    It won’t let me download it I’ve tried all the sites but every time I press install it still doesn’t install

  • VillaOro

    I got the app on my iPhone, BUT I can’t steam. Anyone know what app I can use with Google chrome cast that’s compatible with movie box? Thanks!

  • VillaOro

    Whoops I meant stream.

  • HouTxRuRu

    Am I the only one who doesn’t get the option to not play internally. It seems the ones who have it on Android get the option to uncheck a box to play internally so they can use cast to the TV. Am I doing something wrong or do I have the wrong version?

  • El

    The link won’t install the app on my phone. I hit install and the app never comes out on my device

  • joepr007

    Im instal las version of movie box 1/16/15. Work perfect but. Need restart iphone 6 ios 8 and them never work again. Somebodie can help me what cain i do ????? Try instal agan but not work. No instal !!!

  • Suky

    So frustrated! I can’t get any of the links to work on my iPad.

  • stangil

    Is not working on my IPhone 6 plus, the first 2 times it work, but now for some reason it doesn’t want to install, when ever I press install, my friend has an iPhone 6 plus too and he is able to install it

  • Wacky

    Unable to download it from this website of the other provided

  • JonnyG

    Hi, I have a new iPad working on IOS 8.1.2 and tried every one of your links and none work, initially loads up then comes up unable to downd load app either option is press Done or Retry and it does the same every time. Any ideas please?

    • David

      I’m having the same problem. How long until the next update? Except for my iPhone 5s iOS 8.1.2 my brother in law has an iPhone 6 plus and his works fine

  • strawberry

    i tried to reinstall moviebox and it doesnt work…no link works

  • D

    Hi guy I deleted movie box. Accidentally and now I can’t reinstall it… As soon as the install window comes up and I hit install nothing happens…no icon nothing what can do any advice would be great thx!!

  • Rose

    None of these links are working…

  • kyle wheeler

    after selecting the green button it starts downloading then says unable to download app. Any suggestions.

  • Derric

    Not working.

  • Kirsty

    I have tried downloading it on my iPad and throws an error ‘could not download ‘ please help

  • bri

    Can anyone help has the app on my I pad but it froze so deleted it but can’t seem to download again.

  • Bored no moviebox

    Othman doesn’t work any more. I get as far as waiting for it to loan and then get the message “cannot be downloaded at this time” it worked until today….. Help!

  • Mattty

    Can any body help me with movie box. I am on ios 8.1.2. I have the app but everytime i open it it automatically closes down.

  • Debs

    I have been given a new iodate for my movie box but it is not installing
    Keep telling me can’t be installed at this time.
    Pleas can some one help me and what can I do?

  • Don Don

    Are there any updates?

  • Don Don

    I accidentally turned my iPhone off and it messed up my Movie Box 🙁 had it working for a while. Is there an updated one that works?

  • Don Don

    Any working updates?

  • Don Don


  • Rewond

    I cant download y?? Always loading please help me

  • Kirsty

    I’ve tried to download but it keeps saying ‘unable to download’ please help !!

  • Dave

    restarted iPad now won’t load up or install again any ideas?

  • Steven S.

    Can someone find Moviebox that works with the iPad Air 2 and iOS 8.1.2?

  • Citro19

    Hi Brad Merrill, heard that pgyer does not sign the certificate for moviebox anymore. That is the reason why all the links on pgyer are not working. Even the Othman link is not working anymore. Do you know what is happening and if there is going to be any links update to a working moviebox app?

  • Crystal g

    Look I had movie box downloaded on my iPhone 6 and I restarted my phone. Once I had done that my movie box had stopped working I tried deleting it and then tried to reinstall it but the same message pops up saying ” movie box can not be installed at this moment” how can I get it to work? Please help

  • Crystal g

    I’ve also tried all the links listed below and still nothing

  • Ali

    When I download it. It says wrong please!

  • kevin

    My says movie box cannot be install at this time

  • Miggeluv

    Has anyone had any luck with movie box I tried all the links provided and no luck I also tried links provided on youtube and one supposedly updated on the 8th of this month but that did not help. I still cannot install the app.. If any tips pls let me know thanks !!

  • Christopher

    Not one will work for my Device it keeps saying try later

  • Jazzyjazzhands

    For people people who are recently having trouble downloading moviebox

    • DayvG

      ?!? What?!?

  • Vincent Blake-jr

    Everytime I try to download it it says it can’t download at this time I don’t know what’s wrong I love this app I need it please help

  • Karen

    Try to download says unable to download try again … I’ve been trying for a month now won’t work please help email me [email protected]

  • Crystal g

    Is there a moviebbox I can download yet that’s meant for non jailbroken phones. I notice the note on the webpage stating it would no longer work on non jailbroken phones and I’ve also tried anyways n still it dosnt work please anyone help I loved this app when I had it and now no longer can for whatever reason it dosnt want to download on my iPhone 6+

  • Dizzy101

    Can someone please help, nothing I seem to be doing is working!!!!

  • Sheial

    Hi I have mini iPad with iOS 8.1 try everything…it don’t let don’t work and I try every one….help me

  • A2922

    When is the new update coming for the nonjailbrobe ipads

  • Len

    Is this still not working for non-jail broken iPhones? As it won’t download on my phone?

  • Len

    is this not working for NON-jailbroken phones? i’ve tried all of them and non of them work?

  • Johny

    Movie box still not working no matter what I try so frustrating am iOS friend has android no problem!!any other suggestions?? Before I put my iPad in the Fire

  • Brad

    No matter what I do it will not download.

  • Dew

    Why doesn’t it on my iPad mini but iknow other people that have iPads and iPhones and it works on those but not mines. Please help

  • sisi2002

    I love this app so much but for some reason almost every 15 days I will go on the app and it will open but close right away. I don’t know why this happens and it says wait for the next update but I need this app for tomorrow and I don’t know what to do. Someone please help me!

  • Sophie

    When will the next update be? It is telling me the app cannot be downloaded

  • Seanrolex

    RIP moviebox, Why

  • Debs

    My movie box will not load please can someone tell me y this is happing ?

  • Idiggold

    I had Movie box but deleted it in an attempt to get it to work after it stopped. I have used every link here with the same result. As soon as I select the green install button, it instantly goes to a red “installation failed” icon. Is there some setting on my iPad interfering?

  • Chelsea Picon

    Doesn’t work with iOS 8.1.3

  • john

    Hi Everyone I’m new this this but has any one got working link to moviebox for an iphone 5

  • Josh

    Mine keeps doing this

  • Jose

    Every time I try downloading as soon is done I get a message saying that it canno be downloaded at the time…what can I do?

  • KCastro

    This one is working!!!!!

    • Krissy

      With what software

  • iandvuk

    Anyone got a link to get MovieBox onto my iPad with the latest iOS 8.1.3 upgrade, or any tips? Struggling to break into this app, and thanks in anticipation of any of your responses.

  • Kim

    Not working on update 8.1.3

  • B

    I can not seem get moviebox app to show up on my iPad please help.

  • Wes

    Nothing working please help

  • Theo


    after the latest update from apple on 01-30-2015 moviebox doesn’t work anymore.
    Has anybody have an idee how to install a new moviebox.


  • Dude

    None of the links work for me please help!

  • Summer28

    I am not able to install this program, any help is appreciated.

  • Bo

    My phone died and now I caint reinstall moviebox for my iPhone , I think it’s because I have iOS 8.3… 🙁 ??

  • Debbie

    I’ve tried every link possible and it will not load I’m so confused

  • Krissy

    One day it’ll work again……maybe

  • Iz

    After updating my iPad to the new IOS, the App is stuck between installing and I tried all the links but non if the work. It keeps says it can’t install at this time. I can’t delete it or finish installing it. Help please!

  • Iz

    Hey! I need help. After updating to the IOS 8.1, my movie box stopped working. I tried updating it and now it keeps trying to install but i keep getting messages saying it can’t install. Now I can’t delete the app. What should I do?

  • It’s me

    I had movie box but it crashed so I deleted it to redownload it. When I hit install on the website I went to the home screen and nothing popped up. I have tried multiple ways and nothing has worked. I am in iOS 8.1.3 on an ipad2 I have watched videos and nothing has worked. Please help

  • Pablo Velasquez

    It was working great until software update ios 8.1.3 came along. Now it doesnt even open. Please fix it.

  • Aggy2

    I need help I press the download button it says install but the app is not Comin on my screen. What’s wrong with it

  • Rock

    Can’t get it to download on my phone with any of the links

  • Phil

    Just keeps saying,unable at this time

  • Jake

    Updated iPhone and when I went to movie box it splash screened then closed so I figured I’d just delete and reinstall but it won’t reinstall.

  • Lucy

    nothing is working I have tried every link on here so far and nothing works

  • Lindsey

    None of these links are working for me! Someone help!!!

  • Kyle

    Why isn’t there a working link for iOS 8.1.3.

  • JustTryingToHelp-CelticBhoy

    Install the second link down, it skips to AppStore a lot and says upgrade but just cancel this and close update… When you go to watch a movie it may say movie unavailable but just be persistent>background>reopen, it should eventually work, well it does on my iPhone 6 running on 8.1 (don’t want to update incase it stops working) persistence is key… Hope I can help, enjoyed watching American sniper last night

  • Steve owen

    Hi my phone I phone 6 is on 8.1.3 can anyone help with the movie box app

  • Eddie

    I need help I did the update iOS 8.1.3 and now it doesn’t work

  • Aly

    i have ios 8.1.3 and it cant be installed i have tried everything and every link please anyone could help ????

  • Jay Jay Vazquez

    Please help. Updated my to iOS 8.1.3. Movie box doesn’t stay open. Changed date to sept 9th 14. Closed/reopen app n still. Please help

  • Pryor

    The movie box app that it could not be installed at this time on iPad air

  • Mick

    Was working until last wed any ideas as new link won’t install

  • SDLP

    The latest version 3.1 isn’t loading the app. I get the “install” prompt but the app does not appear.

  • aya

    it doesn’t work for me. it installs then it says it can’t be installed. i have ios 8.1.2 please help

  • KB2113

    I tried using all of those links and non of them worked . My phone ks iphone 5 and the ios is 8.1.3 Some one help! Please!

  • Sam

    This don’t work on the iPad Version 8.1.3. Cand some 1 help me

  • Gabe

    Does it need the date to be set back?

  • Igor Para

    I tried many time it says can not download at this time
    What shell I do ?

  • Jaimy

    Check out
    Worked for me, Enjoy!

  • Max

    Do any of these links still work

  • Krissy

    That is a scam they don’t send u an email with instructions to download they just take the $1.00. Idiots

  • Ryan

    None of these builds is working it just stopped working and I can’t download it please help

  • Kerry Fleming

    I am running iOS 8.1.3 and I cannot get any of these loins to work? It downloads and installs it, but then a message pops up saying it cannot install at this time. I have selected the retry button for 3 days but still doesn’t work? Thank you

  • Guest

    Am I the only one that cant download the movie box app or is it happening to some people too?

  • Rbowes

    Please find. New one because I liked this a lot

  • Jamie Batchelor

    Moviebox will no longer install like a dick I updated my iPad to iOS 8.1.3 and won’t download or install please help

  • Beckie Weger

    I am on ios 8.1.2 on both phone and Ipad mini. Cannot get moviebox to update movies no matter what version I use. Last movie update was jan 28. Tv updates fine. Anyone know how I can fix this. I tweeted them directly, but no response.

  • Shimmer

    Hya everyone, I need your help.. I’m having problems installing movie box.. I tried the links above but they don’t work… Please HELP!!!!

  • Ray

    All the links don’t work

  • James

    I have tried all the links and all the passwords. Nothing is working. Please help.

  • Cris

    Hi guys, mine is not working too, I tried both links and nothing 🙁

  • Noas

    Don’t know what to do.. Nothing’s working
    Help? Iphone 6 ver 8.1

  • Cajunpepa

    It seems like no matter how to do it I always get the same message, “movie box cannot be installed at this time.” I have followed all of the instructions available that I could find online. Any other recommendations? My husband is trying to do the install for me I have an iPhone 6 plus, 8.13 version. He has an android yes I’m hearing it.

  • Josh

    It says installing then after it gets done says cannot install the app at this time???

  • Joyster

    None of the links will install, I have tried them all.

  • Kevin

    None of these work
    My version is ios8.1.2 please help

  • Shsy

    I had the app on my phone . I hv the iphone6 with AT&T . The app was work . The it just stopped working on my 4 days ago . I uninstalled it an tried to reinstall for days now . An it won’t install in my phone . Can anyone help ? My phone is not jail broken .

  • Cragle17

    When i download it it downloads then says it cant be download try again later how do i fix this :s

  • Krissy

    Hi everyone I visited movie box tweet page and came across this link that gives you directions to download ipwnstore app that allows you to download any app like movie box there is a $9 fee though that subscribes you for a year but it’s worth it to get movie box back. Here’s the link cheers!

  • Hasan

    I pressed on the green button and it said try the next time and I click again but it doesn’t work

  • sorrymizjacks

    Help!! My Movie box stopped working. When I try to dl it again it says “Cannot dl at this time”. Ive tried all the links given and I get the same response. Please help

  • As of iOS 8.1.3, no one seems to be able install Movie Box using the links on this page – but there is now a Movie Box alternative you can get directly from the App Store (for free). Details here:

    • Debi B.

      I tried this alternative and none of the movies/shows I tried were in English.

  • Sammy Singh

    Deleted my movie box by mistake, now can’t down load tried so many links, HELP Please

  • Sammy Singh

    Deleted my movie box by mistake now it’s not down loading, tried many links. HELP PLEASE.

  • Sammy Singh

    Deleted my movie box by mistake, tried all the links none is working, HELP PLEASE.

  • Andrew Tran

    Why won’t the movies load? Please respond

  • Lindsay

    Whenever I download it, it always says its unable to install??

  • MelissaJ

    I found an awesome way to watch FREE movies and tv shows on any iOS device, Android device, PC, Mac, XBox or Playstation. I already watched some new movies like Focus, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jupiter Ascending, American Sniper, The Boy Next Door, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, The Imitation Game and The Interview on my iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apple TV from “lMOVlESAPP. [email protected]”. (replace “@” with “O”)

  • MelissaJ
  • MelissaJ

    found an awesome way to watch FREE movies and tv shows on any iOS device, Android device, PC, Mac, XBox or Playstation. I already watched some new movies like Focus, Fifty Shades of Grey, Jupiter Ascending, American Sniper, The Boy Next Door, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, The Imitation Game and The Interview on my iPhone 6 and Apple TV from

  • Movie Box is now working on iOS 8.1.3 with a new installation method. Check out our updated tutorial here:

    • Debi Billing

      Brad, the install worked on my iPad Air 2 running 8.1.3 (non-jailbroken) and several movies play; however, a number of movies say they are not available. I’ve tried using three different free VPN services, like it suggests to resolve the issue, but no change–same ones still aren’t available. Any suggestions?

  • Erika

    My friend told me about movie box so I got it and it was the best thing ever, then I didn’t have wifi for 2-3 days so I didn’t go on movie box, when I got the wifi back it would crash as soon as I tap on the icon I deleted it and I’m trying to get it back but everything I’m trying to get it, it loads all the was except for a quarter and then I would say It couldn’t be able to download please I’ve tryed lots of other websites! Anyone know how I can get it back?

  • Erika

    My friend told me about movie box so I got it and it was the best thing ever, then I didn’t have wifi for 2-3 days so I didn’t go on movie box, when I got the wifi back it would crash as soon as I tap on the icon I deleted it and I’m trying to get it back but everytime I’m trying to get it, it loads all the was except for a quarter and then I would say It couldn’t be able to download please I’ve tryed lots of other websites! Anyone know how I can get it back?

  • Jewels movie box

    It does play on my Apple TV anyone else have this problem?

  • Yusuf

    When I install it it keeps doing it again and again

  • am

    Anybody knows how to install MOvibox for Windows?

    • Debi B.

      My husband installed it from the Windows Store.

  • Why Showbox android app is not available for iPhone yet??? I love it because it is ads free.

  • Meysam

    Couldn’t install at this time whyyyyy ????

  • Atli

    it just stands ,,Waiting” in my phone. And nothing happens for hours ,,have tried again and again” Help?!

  • Lesley Rutter

    I have just used the link and it said “not trusted developer” but didn’t give me the option to trust – you need to go into your settings and profile and trust the developer – then mine worked I’m on ISO 9.2