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Stream Now TV Is A Killer Platform For Independent Filmmakers And Cord-Cutters

Stream Now TV Is A Killer Platform For Independent Filmmakers And Cord-Cutters

by Brad MerrillMarch 2, 2015

Independent filmmakers and web series creators don’t really have a comprehensive distribution platform to turn to. While YouTube is an obvious choice, it’s a pretty saturated market and it does little to promote new independent creators.

Stream Now TV aims to solve that problem by providing a platform to get indie films and series in front of as many eyes and on as many screens as possible.

The MVP website was launched last June by founder Ron Valderrama. Since then, the company has refined the site and launched a shiny new iOS app where users can enjoy the multitude of independent movies and shows offered by the platform. The service also has a Roku channel launching soon, with an Android app in development and plans to launch on Amazon’s Fire TV.

Valderrama is the sole founder of Stream Now TV. “I have worked most of my career in healthcare finance but have always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “I founded a company before this and just as it was taking off had a bad founder breakup. Connections and circumstances from that last venture actually led to creating this company.”

He is also the host of Startup Diary, a show that follows his entrepreneurial journey and advises aspiring founders. (Shameless plug: I was a guest on Startup Diary in October.)

“There are scores of great content creators, but they absolutely suck at business/marketing for the most part,” Valderrama told me. “This is a platform for them to be able to do what they do best (make awesome shows/films) while letting us find the audience. If we do well, they will do well.”


Firsts, a comedy series on Stream Now TV


Stream Now TV is based in Dallas, Texas, which is home to a booming tech scene. “There has never been a shortage of money in Dallas but technology has really come on strong here,” said Valderrama. “In fact, the Dallas area accounted for almost half of all tech jobs in Texas for Q4. Texas as a whole just took the lead over California for tech exports.”

As for the future, Valderrama says he wants to get Stream Now TV as on many screens as possible, with a longer-term goal of producing original content for the platform.

Stream Now TV is an amazing opportunity for independent creators and a mandatory addition to every cord-cutter’s collection.

Check out the website here, or grab the free app from iTunes.

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Brad Merrill
Brad Merrill is the founder and former editor of VentureBreak.