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LawTrades Unveils Larry: 24/7 On-Demand Legal Help Via Text Message

LawTrades Unveils Larry: 24/7 On-Demand Legal Help Via Text Message

by Brad MerrillJune 17, 2015

larryNYC startup LawTrades has unveiled Larry, a just-crazy-enough-to-work service that provides users with legal help via text message. It’s an invisible app—half human, half robot—that answers legal questions 24 hours a day.

It’s a bit like having a lawyer in your pocket.

LawTrades, which we profiled last year, makes legal help more accessible to small businesses and consumers by offering a marketplace that connects clients with lawyers.

I spoke to Ashish Walia, COO of LawTrades, to see what this new service is all about.


Larry answers simple legal questions automatically

He explained that when someone subscribes to Larry, they get either 30 or 60 minutes of legal advice each month—depending on whether they choose a free or paid plan. “Just tell Larry what you need help with and he’ll get you the right lawyer to speak with so you don’t have to waste your time. If you have a quick question, Larry will get you a quick answer. The quick answers are automated on our end.”

Subscribers also get access to legal documents drafted by LawTrades lawyers. You can ask Larry for an NDA, for example, and he’ll send you one.

“We also send people smart reminders,” said Walia. “For instance, if your annual report is due soon, or if your trademark rights are expiring soon, or if a corporate tax bill is due soon—Larry will remind you.”

Walia said Larry fits perfectly into the overall mission of LawTrades. “With the existing marketplace, it was difficult to help people that had quick questions. Now, we can help those people with Larry instead of having to turn them away. Also, it’s great for the existing marketplace because people often have questions that actually require longer explanations. When this happens, Larry tends to be a great acquisition channel for the lawyers on the marketplace.”

From what I hear, Larry has received lots of positive feedback from early users. This is definitely a first in the legal tech space, and the ease of use is quite compelling.

Want to give it a try? You can get started with a free subscription to Larry here.

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