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Hooks Will Send You Alerts About Anything You Care About

Hooks Will Send You Alerts About Anything You Care About

by Brad MerrillSeptember 2, 2015

hooksChicago startup Hooks has developed a comprehensive platform to help people stay updated on things they care about. You can use the app to get alerts about almost anything—news, weather, sports, stocks, tweets (by author or keyword), new movies, software vulnerabilities, and more.

Currently, the notifications you care about are driven by a ton of different apps and services. Hooks simplifies this by bringing all sorts of notifications into a single central location.

Behind Hooks are co-founders Oleg Kozynenko, José Luis Pérez, and Miguel Ángel Ortuño. Kozynenko and Pérez also co-founded B2B white label travel guide platform Guiomatic, and Ortuño is a lead iOS developer at Upptalk.

“We think that notifications will become a major way you get most of your information,” says Kozynenko. “This is happening already as wearable technology like the Apple Watch has been introduced. In this new environment, people are going to need killer apps to help them.”

Hooks isn’t just an app, though. The company has recently introduced a new feature that allows folks to get notifications via Twitter, just by using the hashtag #hooksnotifyme. Hooks will then tweet back to you with notifications. For example:


Hooks currently serves more than 200,000 users, and it delivers more than a million notifications per day.

You can get Hooks on the App Store or Google Play, or simply tweet using the hashtag #hooksnotifyme.

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