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Things We’re Still Missing After Apple Changed Everything. Again.

tim cook 6sWednesday’s Apple Event was jam packed with updates across many of their products and spanned just over two hours. Weeding through the lot of verbal masturbation, obligatory superlatives, and the several guest speakers who were all “thrilled to be here” were expected.

If you couldn’t avoid succumbing to the voluminous early reports of predictions leading up to yesterday’s event, then you wouldn’t have been surprised by the announcements either. That’s an unfortunate reality, too, as all of it would have been much more magical without any of the leaks being realized earlier. It was a large event, in a large space, and took much longer to go through but people knew what was coming.

So instead of rehashing all of the announcements because they can be found in any BI, Mashable, or Apple Rumors blog post dating back for the past few months through yesterday’s recorded keynote, I am going to focus on what is missing.

Apple Watch

Third Party Watch Faces

This is so damn doable its offensive that its still unavailable. Put them in the Watch Store and make money on them already. I’m talking bout the entire face not the “Third Party Complications” that fit inside the canned faces Apple offers now.

As of now you have one option which requires you to purchase supremely overpriced horse buggy inspired Parisian leather bands by Hermès. This will set you back $1,100 at the bottom end. Ugh.

Haptic Feedback with iPhone 6S Models

The 3D Touch and haptic feedback in the new iPhone means it can now receive taps and heartbeats from Watches. It means it can also send taps or drawings to Watches. This was not announced and isn’t expected because Apple is keeping it exclusive to the Watch to drive Watch sales. This diminishes the value of the actual form factor and usefulness of the watch itself. Reserving gimmicks to certain platforms in order to preserve sales figures doesn’t bode well for the product’s inherent values.

AppleTV Interaction

Could the movement and heart rate monitors in Apple Watch make it an input device for the new AppleTV? I think it can and should but that was also missing from yesterday’s presentation. This would give new dimension in fitness or athletic games and also measure the movement of the arm its on. Oh yes, it also has “Hey Siri’ ability as well… so, the remote possibilities are also there.


Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave with this new Apple Pencil introduction. But it does look pretty cool…

iPad Advancement

The latent iterations of the core iPads is more and more evident. All incremental changes to the point that the iPad Mini 4 was a mere footnote and described as the iPad Air 2 but smaller. There’s been a struggle, and it shows in the sales figures, to bring unique value to the tablet that doesn’t exist on previous iPads or even current iPhones.

AppleTV Interaction

Yes, there’s a trend here. Being the future of TV should incorporate the future of device interaction. This doesn’t include just bringing over Amazon Fire TV features. The iPad Pro could interact with the television as a second screen in ways that no other device can. Not doing this misses the mark.

Second screen activities could include social media spaces for current shows/movies being watched, a gaming community space when in the games arena, ways to interact with the screen itself by tapping on a mirrored view in menus or in media content itself. Etc. None of this was mentioned and therefore isn’t available.

iPad Pro: MacBook Desconstructed?

I purchased the new MacBook and absolutely adore its form factor. It truly is fantastic. However, now we have this same screen sized device that also has flexibility in tablet form with touch input. Drag. Oh yeah, and the topped out LTE version is cheaper than the baseline MacBook. What gives?

Back to the segregation of gimmicks… the iPad Pro has a space only because there is no joined iOS and Mac OS effort out there. I cannot run iOS or apps in that environment on the Mac and there is no Parallels boot to iOS. Therefore, I am stuck in what seems to becoming the analog world of single piece laptops if I want to run desktop applications that take advantage of peripherals. Unnecessary gluttony on Apple’s part.

There should be one or the other and whichever was chosen should allow iOS and Mac OS to coexist. That would change everything but so far nothing has changed in this paradigm.


I am mostly pleased with what was announced here and think its a good leap forward but proclaiming to be the FUTURE OF TV should do things that current TV does not.


What the hell? No FaceTime camera so no video or even audio calls. I cannot supply any rationale for this oversight in the least. There is so much that this would do… and it has been being done by competitors for a while. The Skype experience on Xbox 360 is super slick.

Photo Booth with your family and friends couldn’t be simpler. Interactions in the games using live video of its participants is also another dimension. Taking photos of gamers at pivotal points in the game, etc. etc. This is sincerely a gaffe.

No 4K

Really? The newest iPhone shoots 4K and your own media device won’t handle that. Let that sink in.

Ok, you thought allowing 4K video on a 16GB device was fine but playing it on the television wasn’t wise? Ridiculous. Before you start your math machines on the bandwidth of streaming 4K lets talk about the native storage space of the AppleTV or using the USB-C input itself. This requires a recycle to 4K in the next year when videos are everywhere due to the new iPhone. Disgusting really.

Missing Live TV

Being the FUTURE OF TV must include live content. Period. There has been a lot of time between AppleTV refreshes and this didn’t come through in this release. Seriously, Apple should’ve bought DirecTV and brought all of this together. Large ready made install base, live events, the NFL package, etc. I still view that as a big missed opportunity.

Watch & Share

An easy way to take screen shot or GIF of what you’re watching… perhaps even the new Live Photo. Save the shot and/or share it via Twitter or Facebook. Not only does this enrich the sharing experience but its a great way to continue the marketing forward for the AppleTV itself.

Device Names

Before I get to the iPhone itself I want to reiterate how dumb I think it is to still be called a phone at all. The phone part is one damn app that Apple has tried to cannibalize via FaceTime. Lets quit calling it iPhone and pick iPod or iPad. Ok, moving on.

Does anyone else find it strange that a company like Apple who pays such close attention to detail and minimalism that they have so many different naming schemes for their products? Read more about this here.


It was as incremental as you would think it would be and you didn’t even have to see the predictions to guess what would come next. Its the S cycle pattern.

Is 3D Touch not ForceTouch? Confusing. Anyway.

16GBs of Frustration

This option isn’t even an option any more. Sure, they still make them but they really really shouldn’t. You can only store 40 minutes of 4K content on the entire 16GB space – that is if you had it all at your disposal which you do not because of iOS space etc. Even though 4K is an option it was highly marketed and therefore will be sought after. Running out of space that quickly will only be upsetting.

More Screen Less Size

Of course we’re using the same chassis as the iPhone 6 from last year. That was expected. However, with the new 3D Touch tech we could legitimately replace hard buttons and switches easier than ever before. Removing the home button, volume controls, and perhaps even the power button would allow us to shrink the overall package while keeping the same screen size. Smaller overall but same viewing canvas would be great. Maybe next year…

If you have any ideas you think were missing, drop me a line @rynfrz. Also, you can read my Wish List to see how much Apple has or has not crossed off that list.

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