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4 Professional Tips For Launching Your First Website

4 Professional Tips For Launching Your First Website

by Guest AuthorSeptember 23, 2015

Regardless of how many business endeavours a person has learned from, there’s not much that can prepare someone for the challenge of building and launching a successful website independently. Of course, if you’re willing to pay the professionals to do it all for you then success is not so difficult to obtain. However, if you’re planning on doing most of the groundwork yourself, be prepared to deal with a lot of studying and trial & error. To help you minimise such trial and error we’ve provided the following four tips you can use to make your first site look as professional as possible:

1. Build a Content Strategy First

Creating a robust content strategy is one of the main concerns you should be focusing on before launching any site. This typically involves devising and developing relevant topics, creating an interlinking structure, and organising content into various categories and menus to facilitate convenient navigation of the site’s content. Since drip-fed content tends to please search engines and repeat visitors, it’s a good idea to plan an SEO-oriented content strategy to cover the site’s first month of content.

2. Learn the Ins and Outs of Web Hosting

First and foremost, you’ll need to learn how to choose a suitable hosting plan, which will provide the server resources needed to put your site and all of its files online. There are various types of hosting to choose from, but in most cases the best web hosting for a first-timer would be VPS hosting due to its flexibility that allows you to expand as needed. On the other hand, a dedicated server is more suitable if you anticipate the site receiving a lot of traffic from the start, or if the site is going to host a multitude of media files or space-consuming databases.

3. Sign up for and Participate in Webmaster Forums

Launching your first website should be a learning experience, and what better way to learn than to network with and take tips from experienced webmasters, many of whom have already built or managed successful sites. Some of the top Webmaster/SEO forums like Digital Point, Warrior Forum, Site Point, and Webmaster World are treasure troves of information and guidance that can turn any newbie into a pro (or at least semi-pro) in a matter of months.

4. Understand that Promotion is as Important as Design

What good is it having an awesome looking website if it isn’t even visited as much as a less appealing site? I’m sure you’ve seen some very basic sites that get tons of traffic. Likewise, there are plenty of fancy sites that only get an occasional visitor. Ultimately, the design quality of your site will have little to do with the amount of visitors it receives, because regardless of how great the aesthetic properties are, promotion is still a necessary component. With that said, upon launching your site you might want to start studying internet marketing and SEO, as these are always useful skills to have as a site owner.

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