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How to Get New Clients for Your Business

How to Get New Clients for Your Business

by Guest AuthorJanuary 18, 2016

It’s a new year, so now is a great time to sit down and think very carefully about how you are going to grow your business over the next twelve months. If your business is relatively new, you are probably full of enthusiasm and energy, but even if you have an established business, it is a mistake to rest on your laurels in the misguided belief that you don’t have to lift a finger any more. You can never have enough clients, so follow these five tips and build a brighter future.

Attend Networking Events

Networking is great opportunity to meet new people and make useful contacts and it really is the lifeblood of business. Breakfast networking events are very popular as they don’t impact on the working day too much, but if you have some free time, there is bound to be an event happening near you. Attending events is good, but why not up the ante by offering to speak at an event? This will enable you to showcase your knowledge and skills, and hopefully attract new business at the same time.

Invest More in Social Media

Social media is a great investment that requires more time than money to be a success. More and more people are using social media as a means of communication. In times gone by, we might have picked up the telephone or written a letter, but today we are more likely to Facebook or send a direct @message on Twitter. If used wisely, social media can be a real asset to a business, but you have to put time and effort into building a network of contacts. So start spending an extra 20 minutes a day building relationships on social media and you will soon reap the benefits.

Get on a Tender Register

Joining a tender register gives you access to relevant work opportunities in your sector. You are not guaranteed success every time you submit a tender, but your success rates will increase if you use a professional tender writing service.

Look at Funding Options for Business Expansion

It is hard to expand a business without any financial means, but you can’t make money without growing the business so you are caught up in a Catch-22 situation. This is where funding comes in. New funding can be used to train staff in new skills, which in turn can be offered to new and existing clients.

Form Joint Ventures with Other Companies

Have you thought about cross-selling other services to existing clients? If a client is looking for a service that you don’t provide, create a partnership with a company who does. This can help you reach out into new markets and, ultimately, grow the business into different areas of your niche. You may also be able to offer your unique skills to your joint venture partner’s clients (with their approval of course).

There are lots of ways to grow a business and increase a client base – you just need to think outside the box.

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